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Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Sunday song for Father's Day

>^^<    >^^<     >^^<     >^^<     >^^<     >^^<     >^^<
I guess you could include fur baby dad's as well? ...

Mr. Bojangles as a kitten.

Mr. Midnight snuggling up.

Lady Tabitha

My dad and Brett loving on my beloved Mr. Midnight ~ 2012.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A little update on Leo (2nd post for today)

Well, we are not out of the woods quite yet as they say but we had Leo back to see Dr. Mike Friday night. We have been taking our fur babies to Dr. Mike and Dr. Lila Comalli for over two years now since our long-time BEST vet in the entire world retired because he had developed cancer and sadly passed away last year. They are the owners and head veterinarians of the Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital in Womelsdorf, PA.

Drs. Mike and Lila Comalli of Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital

Dr. Mike performed his evaluation of Leo's problem by examining him and also took some urine from him so he could run an analysis right away in the hospital. He said that Leo had urine in his bladder but was not near enough to be considered having a blocked urinal tract. He did say that he believes that Leo may have a urinary tract infection however. So he proceeded to give him an antibiotic shot and something to help induce his appetite somewhat. We are to call him first thing on Monday to give him an update on Leo's condition. Hoping for the best and that this is actually his problem.

I am one of those people who have always given my fur babies a middle name. Since Merlin likes to climb his cage like he is Jungle Jim, I decided his full name will be Merlin James Witycyak ... lol

In the meantime, we will keep a close watch on Leo for the remainder of the weekend. He still refuses to eat his prescription CD wet food, but will eat a little of the dry version of it. Keeping our fingers crossed.

A valuable lesson in life

Things are not always what they seem. I learned a long time ago that just because people do not talk about their problems, does not necessarily mean that they do not have any!

Allow me to share a true, personal story with you. I had a friend many years ago whom I thought had it all. She had a career, a very beautiful expensive house, three beautiful children, and a good-looking husband who also had a great career. I used to envy her for her picture perfect life and always wished I could have that perfect life. 

Until I received a phone call at about 2am in the morning from her. She was extremely upset and crying. She told me that her husband of 25 years sat her and their children down and informed them that he was leaving them all for another woman and wanted a divorce. Rather cold, unfeeling-like and a very cruel thing to do! I tried to console her as best I could at the time and told her if she needed me that I would always be there for her (we have always been there for one another and still are for that matter). She proceeded to tell me that her husband had cheated on her in the past, but never told anyone about it. When I asked her why, she respsonded, "I never wanted to bother anyone else with my personal problems."

I remember feeling so bad for what she was going through and yet at the same time I was in complete and utter shock! I simply could not believe what I was hearing. After some time to process what my friend had told me over the phone, I then realized that there really is no such thing as a "perfect life" because their is no such thing as a perfect world. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD! This one is for you ...

"It felt like springtime on this February morning. In the courtyard birds were singing your praise. I'm still recalling things you said to make me feel alright. I carry them with me today now."
 ~ Sophie B. Hawkins ('As I Lay Me Down')


With Father's Day this weekend, I thought I would post one of my dad's favorite songs. In fact, I sang it for him live one night while out at a local open mic night. Beautiful song, for the most beautiful dad (and human being) I have ever known and ever will know. I miss you each and every day, Dad ... I love you! 
A pic taken of my dad and me at his retirement party in 1994.
My dad as a child. He is the little boy wearing the cute bib overalls.
His graduation picture.
Me and dad at my cousin's wedding reception in 1984.
Dad, Brett, me, and my mom taken at my wedding in 2001.

Me and dad on Christmas Day ~ 2015.
One of my favorite pics of my dad.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Friday odds 'n' ends

What's up? Well, yesterday we took Leo to the vet because he has not been eating right for the past three days now. I even tried giving him some catnip to help induce his appetite. It definitely is NOT like him to not eat like it is going out of style and we always worry because he was diagnosed with F.U.S. (Feline Urological Syndrome) a year ago. Since then, he has been on a prescription diet only and had no problem with it until as of late. The vet examined him and could not find anything wrong on the surface ... i.e. she said that he does not have a full bladder or anything. So she took some blood and will have it tested as well as a urinalysis. Now, she would normally get the urine from a cat right there at the facility but because of his F.U.S. it would do no real good. Since the use of a needle would show some blood in the urine sample and they would not be ale to decipher if the blood was from the needle or from his urine sample itself, she sent Leo home with a home urine kit (a special kind of cat litter that will not soak up the urine and will coagulate it so it can be picked up by a dropper and taken to a lab), and four cans of different wet food he is allowed to eat. So far, he is not touching that food either! My poor baby, I am so worried about him! :(

After we got back from the vet, I thought I would take a quick walk. You won't believe what critters I saw on my travels ... eight turkey vultures in a row crossing the road in front of me and two groundhogs walking along up ahead of me. LOL! I just love running into all the cool wild life where I live. One time, I saw a groundhog trying to cross the road while I could hear a car coming up in back of me so I clapped my hands a couple of times to scare the groundhog off the road so he would not get hit. It worked. ;)

Moving on, I finished my natural oil sprays today. One for sleep aid for a friend of mine who requested I make one for him, and finally the tick repellent. I decided to use the witch hazel instead of the rubbing alcohol because my mom wants to try it too and she has some major skin issues so I figure that the witch hazel would not be near as harsh ...

I added this recipe for my friend Mary from her blog Moontides ... ENJOY!

Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie

Ingredients needed:
  • 1 whole chicken about 5 lbs
  • Cooked, chopped/cut into cubes potatoes (as many as you would like)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 4 stalks celery chopped
  • 4 medium carrots chopped
  • 1 -2 tablespoons fresh parsley or 1-2 teaspoons dried parsley

Pot Pie Dough:

  • 2 cups flour + extra for rolling out
  • 1 egg + 2 egg yolks
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 5-6 Tablespoons milk


  1. Remove anything inside the chicken. Rinse the chicken. Place chicken in a stock pot. Cover with water. Add a bay leaf and 1 teaspoon parsley. Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low-medium. Simmer for about 1 hour or until thoroughly cooked.
  2. Turn off the heat. Remove chicken from broth. Allow chicken to cool. Meanwhile, strain broth.
  3. Once cool. Remove chicken from bones. You'll need about 4 cups. Reserve the rest for another use.

For pot pie squares:

  1. In a separate bowl add flour, egg, egg yolks and salt. The dough should come together easily and form into a ball. If it's too dry add an additional tablespoon of milk. If it's too dry add flour a tablespoon a time until dough forms easily into a ball. (You can also use a stand mixer or mix by hand. 
  2. On a floured surface flatten dough into a circle. With a roller pin using flour as necessary to keep from sticking. Roll out to about 1/8 inch thickness.
  3. Using a pizza cutter cut into approx 2-inch squares. If there's extra dough on the edges roll into a ball and repeat.
  4. Place squares on floured baking sheet. You can pile on top of each other just make sure there's plenty of flour to keep them from sticking.

For Pot Pie:

  1. Heat chicken broth and add cooked potatoes, carrots and celery. Cook until softened, about 15-20 minutes. Turn up the heat, bring to a boil. Drop dough squares one at a time into the pot, stirring frequently. If you drop a bunch in together they will stick together in a clump.
  2. Maintain a very gentle boil, cook the dough for 4-6 minutes. Add the reserved chicken and chopped fresh parsley. Stir and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook until hot. Serve.

)o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

This and That ...

Greetings all and happy Thursday! Yesterday my mom and I spent the entire day running around doing some needed shopping. One of the places we went to was Celtic Myth & Moonlight located in West Reading. I have been wanting to pick up some essential oils for various uses and some other items while I was there. 

I found three animal talisman stones to carry with me ...

Dragon: Good fortune, health and luck
Mermaid: Aid in dream magick
Raven: Divination and hidden knowledge

A few gemstones: Black Obsidian (Dragon Glass), Moss Agate, and Rose Quartz stones.

I also purchased the oils and ingredients I will need to make my tick repellent as well as a relaxation mix in order help aid in sleep ...

Ingredients for tick repellent:
Peppermint (ticks dislike mint!)
Witch Hazel
Rubbing alcohol (or vodka)

 Essential Oils for Sleep:
  • Lavender
  • Vetivert
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood
An easy to follow guide book on all kinds of divination.

A beautiful pair of chakra earrings crafted with genuine gemstones ...

Dot, the owner of Celtic Myth & Moonlight told me that she is taking in donated books to give to her customers for FREE. Not only books, but all different items such as statues, incense burners and such. I told her that I would donate all my books which I no longer have any use for as I am cleaning out my altar and reiki rooms. She is such a wonderful lady, she took $10.00 off of my total purchases as a thank you for my donations to her patrons. :)

After we were finished with all of our shopping, I took my mom to her favorite place for lunch, Ganly's Pub.- one of the few places that serves homemade PA Dutch chicken pot pie everyday ...

One added note, my sister Aurora asked me to pass on a message to everyone who sent her birthday wishes:

"Thank you so much for everything! I tried to sign on to your blog to thank everyone for their wishes and couldn't get on...please thank them for me ❤ I love my gifts and thanks for making me feel special!"

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