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Monday, June 10, 2019

New Hope trip ...

Greetings friends. This week has been very stressful and overwhelming since starting my new job. I will not say too much more about it as of yet. All I can say is it is extremely difficult! I have only been working there a week and they have made me take two tests - the one I passed and the other I have managed to fail FOUR times! I must keep on talking it until I pass it as you can not even get so much as one wrong answer on it! Truthfully, I have concerns as to whether I can even make the grade at this particularly position, but I am trying my hardest. 😔

Anyway, I have been so stressed out this past week that I just sat down and cried a couple of times. That being said, I decided I needed to get away from it all for a day so I took a trip to my favorite spot yesterday - New Hope, PA. 

When we arrived there, we had lunch at Fran's Pub before walking the strip and shopping around ... 🍕

Then off the Gypsy Heaven where I picked up a few ritual items to hopefully help me get through the difficult time I am going through currently. I bought a witch box of goodies for success and some other useful candles and such ...
A couple of very interesting books at Mystickal Tymes ...

And of course, I could not forget to buy an assorted box of homemade macaroons at the food outlet ...

On the way out, I came across a wonderful place that sold mostly statues - lots and lots of statues of anything and everything you could possibly imagine ...
Merlin and Leo checking out the two new garden statues I bought -  a small lop bunny and a playing kitten ...

Guess that about wraps it all up for now. Have a good day everyone. 

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Friends - can't live without them ... 💗💜💛💚💙

Pic taken at Flanny's with my friend Willow - circa 1995.

(circa 1994)
Beltane ~ 1997
Most recent photo taken only a couple of years ago.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Walk Your Own Path

(Photo taken by Lady Caer Morganna)

Walk Your Own Path

Deep in the heart of the valley of life
That's where you'll find the dreams you misplaced ...

Trapped between rocks but not beyond reach
Sparkling with future, waiting to be chased, 
Deep in the heart of the valley of life.
The future is here, you've heard the call
Rise from the ashes that smoldered for so long
Claim your place and stand tall with pride
Do what you do, if it's right it's not wrong, 
Take a walk deep in the heart
Reach right inside
And touch who you are
You're anyone you want to be
You're your own guiding star, 
That's who you are. 

~ Mark Hopwood

Saturday, June 01, 2019

What's new

Happy Saturday, friends! This morning I am off to my eye doctor appointment for my annual vision examine, but first I wanted to check in with everyone regarding my new job at Alcon Labs. I started this past Tuesday (the day after Memorial Day) for a four-day orientation at the main facility for about four hours in the morning then another new hire who will also be working in the same department as me (different shift than I however) as an Operator in the Probes department drove over to the building where we will be working our permanent shifts. We both began our training at the same time with three experienced professional trainers. Next week we will begin working our designated full-time shifts and complete our training there as well - I will then be second shift and she will work third. 
The Alcon facility located in Sinking Spring (PA) where I attended my orientation this past week. The building where I will be working in is only a couple of miles away from this one.

So far, this job has been quite the challenge as there is SO MUCH to learn it is overwhelming! But thankfully, the trainers on first shift were excellent and I only hope that the second shift trainers (and co-workers) are equally as pleasant and patient to work with. If I can grasp all of the various job tasks, I think I will be fine and really like this job a lot - of course it has not even been a full week yet. Unlike me, there were a lot of people hired through temp agencies which is unfortunate because a) they are not hired as permanent employees until after their contracted waiting period is over which means b) they do not get paid as much per hour as the temp agencies take their cut of these guys pay checks - all temp agencies are a complete rip off in my opinion. I used to work for/under several of them just before I was able to get my last job on my own at Travelers Insurance. In my experience, these temp agencies were nothing BUT a colossal waste of my time and I always ended up back to square one still having to look for a permanent job after all was said and done.

I got hired for my present job at Alcon by attending one of their company sponsored job fairs. Because it is a health safety controlled environment due to working with and assembling surgical needles, eye solution products, probes, and all sorts of equipment for various eye surgeries, most of us are required to wear hair nets, blue lab coats, and depending upon the particular task surgical gloves and/or finger tip gloves (cots) and/or goggles, no make up, no cologne, no socks below the ankle, no open-toed shoes, no jewelry except for a wedding ring if you wear one, and we must also use the provided hand sanitizers before entering our work areas. As strange as this may sound, I really like working under those conditions and I am very comfortable around it. 🔬📋💻💿📛
(Photos courtesy of Sofiya Silfies)

One last thing I would also like to mention is that yesterday one of my job trainers worked her last day after three years as she will be starting a new job closer to home. She is a very nice Ukrainian young lady who is also a figure skater. Thursday night, she requested me as a friend on FB which I thought was so very cool of her and I was able to see her beautiful skating photos and personal performance videos from some of her competitions - she is really talented and such a lovely skater to watch perform. I am so happy to have had the chance to met her! Her name is Sofiya (pronounced Sophia) and if you would like to meet her, I also found an interesting news clip on Google from a few years ago where she was interviewed by a local reporter regarding her family in the Ukraine - (please click on this link to watch it). 👍⛸

Well, that is about all for now - hope everyone is well! Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tuesday This and That ...

Greetings friends! Well, today is the beginning of a rather nerve-racking new beginning for me. It is Tuesday morning and I start my new job at 7:30 am until 2:30 pm for this week only. The schedule will be insane as for the next four days I am scheduled for what they call "orientation" at one facility then have to travel to another for the rest of my work day. Then, next week I officially start the permanent second shift position. This will definitely be a huge adjustment for me on two levels - I never worked a second shift job before in my entire life (only ever worked first shift for 30-some years) and I will be expected to work A LOT of hours (up to 80 a week!) plus mandatory Saturdays (not liking that one bit, but what can I do, eh? - I need a job so there is little choice regarding it). Not to mention I am so nervous that I can not even describe it. I barely got any sleep last night as my mind just would not shut down long enough to relax at all. I am not sure at this point how well it will work (I pray it does) nor how long I can sustain the kind of "all work and no time for anything else" atmosphere they are demanding, but I have to at least try my best to make it all work out in the end somehow. Anyway, the one good thing as far as I am concerned is that because it is a sanitary and controlled environment I will not have to (nor am I allowed to) wear any make-up or perfume - jewelry should be kept to a minimum as well. We must wear jeans, shirts with sleeves, and socks which go up over the ankle. All of these regulations are put in place - understandably so - to avoid any type of contamination as we will be handling surgical supplies and equipment. 😵 🔬

Moving forward on a more positive note, here are a few of the items that I found while my sister and my friend Deb and I were out and about this past weekend. Some were clearance and/or sale items from various stores and gift shops.

A Jim Shore Bunny Spring Basket and a little egg-shaped cat ...

I couldn't resist this one - a Jim Shore Mermaid ... 🐚

At Green Dragon last Friday I bought this cute wooden bread basket ...

A five-taper candle holder and decorative ring ...
A beautiful framed water color mermaid ...
A few new books at Barnes & Noble and Celtic Myth & Moonlight ...
I found this cute mermaid cap and cup at our CVS Store across the street ...

And finally one last thing, due to my hectic schedule, I doubt I will have much (if any) time to write or publish any posts as normal. If I do, most likely they will be quick posts at best. I will also try my best to keep up, comment, and drop by your blogs as time allows - my sincere apologies in advance to all.

Have a great day everyone!