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Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Saturday Smile!

One of my all-time favorite Johnny Depp flicks is the movie, "Benny & Joon." But Johnny Depp is so talented. Not only can he act, but he is incredible at physical comedy and he is a decent musician as well. 

So, if you are a Johnny Depp fan like me, this little video clip from "Benny & Joon" is a must see! 

Benny & Joon - Johnny Depp Best Buster Keaton scenes ...

I also included a live performance of Johnny playing on stage with Marilyn Manson ...


Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday odds 'n' ends

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! Yesterday, I chose to spend my Midsummer/Litha celebrating very simply. I spent some extra play time with my fur babies ... after all, it has always been a significant part of my summer sabbat celebration in devotion of the Lord & Lady's special children which they have blessed me with.  

My old digital camera was breaking down and had seen better days so my husband gave me his since he was planning on buying a new one that had a better zoom on it and could take much better aerial shots. His camera is practically brand new as he only bought it a few months ago and barely used it anyhow. Here are some pics I took with it yesterday ...

Lady Tabitha: Tabitha had her yearly check up at the vet on Wednesday afternoon and she has been put on a diet. She is supposed to weigh between 9 to 12 pounds which is considered normal for a female Norwegian Forest Cat, but she is currently at 15! We must measure her food intake and then gradually cut her food back within the next few weeks or so. She also is scheduled for a professional teeth cleaning in August.

Sir Leo chilling along side of Merlin's cage after their play time ...
Merlin and Leo playing together.

I then decided to take my new camera on my late morning walk and snapped a few pics on the way. I was hoping to get some pics of the little critters I see all the time, but I think it was too early for them, they usually make an appearance later on in the day ...

The corn crops are just beginning to grow all over the area in the fields. By the end of July, they will be taller the me ...

I am not sure what these are, but I call them little wild flowers ...

Little orange and yellow flowers ...

Dozens of purple flowers budding up all over the place ...

Tiny daisies
Dandelion flowers also grow everywhere around here!
These look like some kind of wild berries growing from out of the grass.

Walking back up the long hill and under the bridge to see more pretty purple wild flowers on the other side ... it was a nice 77 degrees, sunny and a beautiful day!

Well, that about does it for my first day of summer. How was yours?

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Blessed Summer Solstice and a Throwback Thursday!

Upon Midsummer’s heady day,
I saw John Barleycorn
Walking proud and tall there
In the sunny, shining morn
His beard was long and golden,
He looked at me and then
He sang, “Blessed Be and Blessed Be
And Blessed Be again!”
 -Joe Bethancourt
2011 Midsummer ritual pics ...

Today, our solitary group celebrated our Midsummer ritual and celebration. It was a beautiful day for ritual, food and fun! 
Draco lighting The Triple God candles.

Aurora Skye & Rhiannon giving back to the Earth
   Our Video Cameraman & fellow group member, Rich.

We also celebrated my sister Robin and her husband's Wedding Anniversary weekend with a card and a gift!
Gifts for Midsummer raffle ~ 3 books, framed "Happiness" hanging pic, tall Midsummer candle, Yankee candle "Midnight Oasis" and 4 handmade votive candles by Willow Chestnut of Mystic Grove Candles & Gifts.
We had such an awesome time and that is a huge part of what makes celebrating the sabbats together so much more special!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meet Jack!

Yesterday while performing reiki on my long-time and very dear friend Dave, I had the pleasure of meeting he and Deb's (his wife) latest addition to the family. He is one of THE sweetest kitties I have ever met (and I have met A LOT!) and I just adore this guy. He was actually Deb's daughter's cat but could not take him with her to her new apartment so Dave and Deb adopted him permanently. As you can see, he is a daddy's boy ...

Few cats I have come across will actually allow a total stranger to come into the house and pick them up, cuddle and love on them ... Jack is a really cool cat indeed!

During Dave's reiki session, the mailman dropped off mail and Jack ran over to the front door and began to play "patty cake" with the mailman through the mail chute as he was delivering the mail. We could hear him laughing hysterically at Jack from outside on the porch. lol

Jack checking out my portable reiki bed and supplies.

I used to cat sit for my friend Dave's cats years ago when he had to travel out of State for his job. So, would I ever cat sit for Jack? Yup, you betcha!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Sunday song for Father's Day

>^^<    >^^<     >^^<     >^^<     >^^<     >^^<     >^^<
I guess you could include fur baby dad's as well? ...

Mr. Bojangles as a kitten.

Mr. Midnight snuggling up.

Lady Tabitha

My dad and Brett loving on my beloved Mr. Midnight ~ 2012.