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Monday, January 04, 2021

Amblyopia (Lazy eye)

The first time I had ever noticed that something was wrong with my eye was way back in 1990 at a Halloween party after someome had taken my picture. At first I thought, "That is weird - it is like my eye has a mind of its' own." Well, little did I realize that in essence it actually did and that it would only get much worse in the following years to come - making it extemely difficult to judge depth perception and what's worse, possibly putting my current job in serious jeopardy. It is called "lazy eye" (amblyopia) and it is definitly not a joke! ...

What exactly is amblyopia?

Lazy eye (amblyopia) is reduced vision in one eye caused by abnormal visual development early in life. The weaker — or lazy — eye often wanders inward or outward.

Amblyopia generally develops from birth up to age 7 years. It is the leading cause of decreased vision among children. Rarely, lazy eye affects both eyes. 

Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent long-term problems with your child's vision. The eye with poorer vision can usually be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, or patching therapy. 

Signs and symptoms of lazy eye include:

  • An eye that wanders inward or outward
  • Eyes that appear to not work together
  • Poor depth perception
  • Squinting or shutting an eye
  • Head tilting
  • Abnormal results of vision screening tests

Sometimes lazy eye is not evident without an eye exam. When I was a child, this was never detected so therefore it never got corrected before it was too late. My optometrist told me that there is no surgery which will fix the "lazy eye" and the reason is because a) it was not corrected as a child, and b) the brain and the eye muscle can not communicate so therefore even eye therapy would unfortunately do nothing to help me:

When to see a doctor:  See your child's doctor if you notice his or her eye wandering after the first few weeks of life. A vision check is especially important if there's a family history of crossed eyes, childhood cataracts or other eye conditions.

Yes, my dad also had it but not as severe. His, like mine, also had not actually shown up until a bit later in life. I first noticed it in myself when I was in my mid-twenties. 

Sunday, January 03, 2021


A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my god-daughter, Kylianna Love who turns 15 years old today!! WOW! How very quickly the time flies. I have had the pleasure of watching you grow up through the years from a sweet little girl ... (after all, she IS my Mini-Me lol) 

Kyli and her grandma (my Kiki-girl) reminiscing while looking through a beautiful photo scrap book of the family that Kyli created. 💜

... into the beautiful, intelligent, responsible, and talented young lady you have become today!! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you, my sweet girl!! I LOVE YOU, BUNCHES!! 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year's Eve


Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I don't know about you, but mine will be very low-key indeed. I spent the day with my mom and her dog, Brandi taking pics in front of her 4-foot Christmas Tree as per her request - yes, my mother has another daughter other than me -HER DOG! LOL! 

My mom's little table tree which she displays every year.


This year, I decided instead of sitting around just watching whatever is on TV I will plug in my Digital Frame which my husband had mounted on our living room wall a few years back (he had given it to me for my birthday one year can't remember WHEN actually) and watch my beautiful fur baby pics I had compiled and saved onto a few camera cards ...

UPDATE on the outside kitty: He apparently loves his new heated electric pad which we placed in his IGLOO in front of our garage door. Brett took this pic of him just last night ...

As for tomorrow, well it is off again to my MIL's house for the day - nothing extravagant just cold sandwiches, shrimp, ring bologna and cheese, brownie bites, and other finger foods/snacks.


Monday, December 28, 2020

What's up

 Happy Monday everyone! With our company holiday shut down all this week, I have A LOT of things to do - things which have been taking a back seat ever since I began working again over a year ago!

Although I usually leave my Yule Tree up atleast until New Year's, yesterday I decided to take it down while cleaning the house. In its' place, my old DVD cabinet back in its' normal space in the living room ...

My Pandigital Digital Photo Frame - plays the Al Stewart song, "Year of the Cat" while displaying my favorite kitty pics throughout the many years ...

We have been feeding a stray male kitty for months now and my husband recently bought a water-proof electric heating pad to place inside the large Igloo in front of our garage door so that he may keep warm during these nasty freezing cold days and nights we have had here lately...

Of course, Sir Leo just had to test it out first ... lol

Stay warm and stay safe all!!