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Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's like my great grandmother always used to say ...

Well, like Gilda Radner's SNL character Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, "It's always something!" ... 

Greetings ALL! Needless to say, a lot of things have been happening here on the home front much of which I am afraid I can't exactly share with all of you. However, the latest has been my massive hair loss. A couple of weeks ago while taking a shower, I had noticed my hair falling out in clumps and strands! Talk about heart-breaking, I naturally freaked out! According to the Mayo Clinic, it is considered normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day and not be noticeable to most of us. All of my life, I have had a very thick head of hair and I know that what is happening to me is NOT a normal thing!

After doing quite a bit of research on the matter, I have found out that there are several causes of major hair loss. Among them are:

1) Any shock to your system such as excessive weight loss which also causes lack of nutrients to your body and in turn your scalp
2) Stress
3) Medications

All of which have to do with me over the past three months or so. I have been, as is the case with many other people these days, under a horrible amount of stress, I have lost 35-40 pounds within a three month period (even though I have hit a plateau and not lost so much as another ounce since), and due to depression I have been taking meds. I have ceased taking the meds for a week now and have been taking supplements such as Biotin, Multi-vitamins for women and fish oil - none of which have helped in the least as my hair continues to fall out as if I were a cat shedding its' winter coat!
I finally spoke to my doctor as things have not gotten any better, and he immediately ordered a series of blood tests - one being for thyroid of course. I will see him on Monday morning so that he can go over the results with me. I pray he can help me find out what is really going on!

On a more positive note, Mr. Earl Gray,  our newest member of the family is adapting rather well to being a house kitty. He is still a bit skittish when we go near his head to pet him, but is gradually getting better with that as well. He has taken to following me and Midnight to bed every night and is quite verbal about his breakfast, insisting that I do not forget to feed him. LOL!

That is about all for now. I hope everyone is doing well and Blessed Be!


  1. Hi Kim ;o) First I have to say, congrats on the weight loss, you should be very proud of yourself! As far as the hair loss, I am so sorry. I do hope your doctor will find out what is happening and hopefully he can do something for you. I know for myself, I lost a lot of hair when I was sick and it isn't coming back. I feel, as long as I am healthy, that is the main thing! So keep being good to you and keep being healthy ;o) You are a wonderful, loving person! Don't forget that! Give big hugs to Mr. Earl Gray for me ;o)

    1. Hey Stacy! Missed you too, love! And thank you ever so much for your kind words. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I do not feel so alone after all. :)

      You're such a lovely girl and I am indeed very fortunate to be able to call you my "sister" and my friend.

      Blessings to you and your mom,


    2. xoxoxox
      I have to say, in the summer, I wear a lot of hats, because of being sun burned, other wise, I have my hair longer, so I can pin it up or I do my funky comb over! LOL!

  2. ...biggest hugs dear kindred...(O:

    1. SO very much appreciated, my sister... :)

  3. Hi Kim,
    the first thing that came into my mind was thyroid, I must say.
    I have Hashimoto's disease and have been operated on. This is where the thyroid works too slow or not at all. I had a large goiter because of it.
    There's another form, Graves disease, where the thyroid works much too fast and you lose weight, hair, you're very stressed.
    I do hope the blood tests will bring clarity and there's something that can be done.
    I will be thinking of you.

  4. BTW, did you have problems with your eyes ??

    1. Well, I am far-sighted with degenerative, but as far as I know that is all?

    2. Sometimes when it is a thyroid problem the eyes can become big, almost popping. That is why I asked ; )
      I have a fried that has Graves and she had the eye problem.