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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Back

Every year at work, the Travelers employees set up a Christmas Angel Tree. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a tree with red (child) and green (seniors) Salvation Army cards hung on it. Written on these cards are gift wishes from a child or senior citizen in need. I usually pick the seniors cards because: (A) everyone seems to always take the child cards, and (B) the seniors really do not ask for much other than what they actually need

This year; however, I picked two cards ~ a senior man and a senior woman. My cat Kiki played the role of Santa's Little Helper when it came to wrapping the presents ...

  For "William," a set of various brand new pots and pans ...

 and for "Sherry," a fresh new set of bath towels ~ two large, two small, two hand towels, and four wash rags ...

In addition to the Angel Tree, I also like to give bags of toys, stuffed animals, etc., to "Toys For Tots" every year. These are all items which were requested and I am more than happy to help. I may not be rich, but I do what I can.


  1. It's a good feeling to be able to help someone in need!

    1. I agree, Judy. I wish I could have done alittle bit more, but we all do what we can, right?

      Hugs to you,


  2. "Rich" is only a word! You are very rich within your heart Kim! I think this is wonderful! Many blessings my friend ;o)

  3. Hey Kim, our friend Alice is having a red satin 14" pillow case cover giveaway on her other blog, just to let you know ;o)

  4. What a wonderful gift you have and are sharing it with others. Your heart is full.