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Sunday, August 16, 2015

This and That ...

What's new? Well, only a couple of things actually. Last Tuesday I had to have oral surgery as my last tooth on my top right-hand side had to be pulled. Long story short, the oral surgeon who had done my root canal had taken an x-ray before she began and had noticed that my last tooth aside of the root canal tooth had some decay and, fortunately, she sent the x-ray to my dentist. My dentist advised me to have the bad tooth pulled before it compromises my root canal work. He was right. The oral surgeon (whom I have always gone to over the years and not actually the same one who performed my root canal) extracted the bad tooth on Tuesday and added, "That was a good call. You have really good doctors. Trust me, you won't miss that tooth, it had a very bad infection in it!"

So much for long story short, but my oral surgeon is absolutely wonderful and did a great job. I had a local, felt no pain at all either during or after the procedure. And, since I had taken a vacation day anyway and had some of the afternoon left, I stopped off at the local mall on the way home and picked up this little treasure ...

I have it hanging up on the bathroom wall near the doorway. I also bought a nice long, crocheted dress which was on sale as well ... very comfortable.

And lastly, our vet had to up the dosage on our cat Leo's medication as it was way too low to be of any use. He had been prescribed amitripyline last month by our vet for his stress and aggression issues. He was only getting a 1/2 pill per day, with absolutely no improvement what-so-ever. I spoke to Dr. Heather and she upped it to a 1/2 pill in the AM and a whole one before bedtime. So far, it has helped a great deal. Leo is much happier, and, so is the rest of the family!


  1. Greetings Dear Lady!, I thought it only fair to stop by and comment since you have been kind enough to visit me and leave such nice comments! I have experienced the nightmare of dental work and sympathize with your plight I hope you get to feeling better real soon and get a chance to feel the moonlight on your skin and the magic in the darkness. Be well!

  2. Sound like you have both a good oral surgerent and a dentist. Both my husband and I been fairly lucky when it comes to teeth.
    Sir Leo looks like a nice kitty. My youngest son is name Leo. His wife and he is expecting our first grandchild, due end of March and first of April.
    I do have a cat "Ziggy" and dog "Daisy"
    I did get your give away posted over on my blog...It pretty simple....http://peppylady.blogspot.com/2015/08/yellow-mellow.html Coffee is on

  3. Great that you had that tooth taken care of! My niece is a dentist and she said that infections from one's teeth can lead to serious medical problems!

    Love that witch's hat...so cool!!!

    The mermaid is very beautiful and your dress is gorgeous!!!

    Yea, Leo...you be a good boy for your parents and get along with your siblings and then maybe you can stop all medications...p.s. have mom give you a hug from me :)

    Will Visit Soon, Again, Dear Kim

  4. I love that little witch hat! So happy you got your tooth fixed! Not fun!!! I love that hanging ornament and your look beautiful in that dress! Happy Leo is doing well ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  5. I can feel your pain when it comes to having a tooth removed. I put mine off so long that it actually broke one day while I was eating a peanut butter sandwich. I them made it a priority, and the entire procedure was actually a lot less painful than I made it out in my mind to be for a little tooth.

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry