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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Project Clean Up: Day 1

As planned, I am doing my fall clean up beginning with the attic which I started last year. I much prefer to work in the attic during the cooler weather and so I always try to plan my vacation weeks in the fall. Today, I spent a couple of hours cleaning up and organizing the attic one box at a time.

Before ...

While going through some old boxes of clothing, I came across a black dress which I haven't worn since 1998 ...
Next, hubby's downstairs game room. :)


  1. I love attics...they hold so many lost treasures that going through boxes is a delight :)

    Great find in that little black dress, Kim...good for you!!!

    Love your header photo and I always enjoy my visits here~


  2. I love that dress on you!!! I have been doing lots of cleaning up and letting go!