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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Solitary? Absolutely!

I find it rather peculiar how so many non-Wiccans and even many Wiccans as well tend to assume that "every" Wiccan thinks and believes in exactly the same way in regards to pretty much every subject matter.

For example, I may be a bit more on the "conservative side" than most Wiccans whom I know, but that is not to say that I am in any way an extremist. Personally, I feel that extremism whether it be conservative or liberal is a very dangerous thing! Let's face it, too much of anything no matter what it may be is not necessarily a good thing.

Sure, I am a Wiccan and therefore I most certainly do worship, revere, and respect the Goddess & God, The Old Ones, and Nature. I practice, as most do, many of the sacred rites of my faith, I believe in the Three-fold Law of Return (a basic Universal Law) or shall I say the "treating others with the same amount of respect in which you would wish to be treated" mindset. But most of all, I very strongly believe in the Wiccan Rede which teaches us, among many other things, "... and it harm none, do what you will."

Being a solitary practitioner allows me the freedom to follow both my heart and my own personal beliefs without being labeled such names as, if you will please forgive the term, "fuzzy bunny." I always consider myself an idealist at heart, but a realist in reality! I must admit; however, that the majority of my Wiccan friends tend to believe in many of the same ideals and values as I do which only proves to me that perhaps I am not the only Wiccan out there who does not conform to all of the more strict ideals of what a Wiccan does or does not stand for.

And, I believe in doing things for the "good of all" even if it does not necessarily go along with some, if not the majority, of my fellow Wiccans' beliefs. After all, the Lord and Lady gave us so many good things and the free will to think for myself is most certainly one of them!


  1. I agree with everything you wrote Kim ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Good blog post. I think this comes to be, because for the most part, the world is Christian. They are handed a book and believe that book, wholeheartedly. Yes, you will find certain differences between this christian and that christian, but for the most part, they believe in and follow one strict set of rules. They are good because they are told they will suffer greatly if they are not. I don't think they grasp the concept of being good, because it is the right thing to do. Not their fault tho, they have been forbidden to think outside the book.

  3. I love the freedom of being a Solitary Wiccan. If there were a 100 covens all open for membership in my area, I would still stay Solitary. I follow the Wiccan Rede, I love the Lord and Lady and revere and honor Nature. To be able to design my own Work, observe the Sabbats my way, etc is a wonderful religious practice.

  4. Thank you for this post. It goes along awesome with what we were discussing by email. I am learning so much and most importantly is that Wicca is amazingly open and accepting. There is so much to learn in that simple phrase of "..and it harm none, do what ye will." So powerful if you think about it.