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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Witch Wars

Witches/witchcraft are a religious belief. Either believing in them or believing that they are evil is a religious belief. It is my belief that witches have created too much controversy in our civilization.

There are many occult orders claiming that they have secrets but none of them are real secrets to those who do a good job researching facts. Occult Witch Orders and Sects are really troublesome because they refuse to become "religions" regulated by the state. They depend on secrecy to work their way inside of the followers minds. Sometimes a schism in the sect creates two enemy groups.

Also, legal covens and "churches" often antagonize for followers.

A conflict is inevitable and is called a witch war. Unlike the islamic jihad and the suicide bomber attacks, witches look after their self conservation because there is no paradise with "sex slaves" for them. These wars are done by legal means and target to create a faith which seems wrong and to defame people, groups and other covens.

It is most like gossip, only it is well premeditated and in accordance to psychological techniques as to cause fear to would-be-members and confusion to members. The witch wars are actually "psi-ops". Additionally there can be also spells, hexes, curses, attacks through the astral and other psychic attacks.

So be careful when considering  joining a group because doing so may make you a target of another one.


  1. This was a very interesting post Dark Elf and I do hope that your warning will be carefully thought out by those wishing to join a "group"~

    1. Warning or not they don't know that before they join. Many of these groups seem to be normal covens. That 's why many Wiccans are solitary. They don't know who to trust. Some of them are even hurt because they came to the wrong coven...