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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ... and some cool music!

)o(     )o(     )o(     )o(     )o(     )o(     )o(     )o(

The Struts ~ "Kiss This (live)"

"Sweet Caroline" (an excellent Neil Diamond cover as sung acoustic by The Struts' Adam Slack)


  1. I love listening to music, thanks for posting what you did, Kim my friend, and I love how greatly detailed that dragon is, that's awesome! I just hope that dragon doesn't choke on that man's words.

  2. Amazing art in this post, dearest Kim! Sand Sculpture and Music!!!
    Talented people all~

    Thank you for sharing and Big Hugs sweet friend!!!

  3. Wow, amazing sculpture! Love the music, thank you! Big Hugs!