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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Charmed, I'm Sure! The Ethics of Love Spells

Once in a while, someone will come up to me and ask, "Can you do love spells?" and "Is that how you ended up with your husband? Did you perform one on him?" The answer to these and many other questions regarding any type of spell, can be found in the Wiccan Rede which states,"...these eight words the rede fulfill and it harm none do what ye will." It is the last part of The Wiccan Rede and a very important one at that! Yes, even love spells have ethics. Magick is the art of changing consciousness and physcial reality in accordance with will while using the laws of nature (i.e. the elements and the Goddess & God). The idea is to enhance your life without interfering or harming anyone else's. Nor should you cast spells for someone else without their consent or knowledge. In doing so, you are interfering with that persons' free will and right to choose. This includes, of course, love spells!

That being said, love spells, as well as any other spell, should be thought through very carefully. Casting a spell to gain the affections of a specific person can easily back fire on the caster! For example, suppose the intended man or woman turns out to be someone totally wrong for you? He or she may turn out to be married, abusive or just plain  incompatible! There are better ways to use love spells to your advantage. Instead of asking for a specific person, ask the Goddess & God to send you the man or woman that is right for you - without any preconceived notions or ideas of what that person may look like. Another really great (and fun!) way to use a love spell is "love enhancement." After all, if your sweetheart is already in love with you, why not heat things up a bit? I find them to be very exciting and they really do work wonderfully!


  1. Great advice!! To often we seek things that do not belong to us and the end results is that we are not happy with what we find. GREAT advice!!

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