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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Twin Souls

They say that everyone has a twin soul. Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet that person and sometimes can live out our entire lives without even knowing who that person is.  In the book, “Reincarnation: Remembering Past Lives,” by Genevieve Lewis-Paulson & Stephen Paulson, the authors describe a twin soul as:

“… very similar and usually the same sex. Sometimes their astrological charts are so closely aligned they will do the same thing at the same time. They might not even be aware of the other person for many years. If one twin develops and grows, the other twin’s growth is automatically enhanced. There is usually a strong past-life connection with twin souls and they have gone through a number of difficult situations together, thus building a trust level. When these persons meet, they immediately have a common trust and a common understanding. The organization of their lives would be similar.”

Matt & Judy's wedding 2/5/99 - me, Judy, Matt & her son Richard

I met my twin soul many years ago. Her name is Judy (a.k.a. Rhiannon) and we met back in 1990 while working for an insurance company. She was being interviewed by my supervisor at the time and I ran into her in his office. The first thing we literally said to each other was, “I know you from somewhere!” We both remembered feeling as if we had met before, but couldn’t figure out how or where? As we got to know one another, we found out several interesting similarities between us. Our birthdays are a day apart and our astrological charts are very close, our mothers even knew each other because they worked for the exact same employer in the same department, we both have scars on our right knees and  have a right front chipped tooth from when we were children, we were both diagnosed with amenorrhea in our early 20’s and we both have artistic abilities, to name a few. We have been best friends ever since and throughout these many years have only ever had one “falling out,” so to speak, which hadn’t lasted very long.  Oddly, we had both noticed that things had gotten extremely chaotic for us when we were no longer in each others’ lives. Frankly, we were both quite miserable. It was as if, karmically speaking, something wasn’t right.  Could all of these things be a coincidence? We think not.

Our birthday pic - me, Richard & Judy (2009)

Like many close friends, we have seen one another through good times and bad, marriages and break-ups, life and death situations. To this day, we still seem to go through the same exact situations at the same time. In fact, sometimes we are so much alike that it is scary – lol! There are only three people in this world, other than my blood family, that I trust implicitly and she is one of them. Whether you believe in a twin soul or not, there are definitely some things in this universe that are hard to explain. Personally, I feel that the Goddess brings certain people into our lives for a reason and if there truly is such a thing as a “twin soul,” I was fortunate enough to find mine.

A few years ago, Judy wrote a beautiful poem about our friendship and framed it as a personal wedding gift for me when Brett and I got married. I’d like to share it with you.

“Twin Souls”

I feel your gladness, I feel your pain
I feel your sunshine, I feel your rain
We are sisters of the craft
and of Neptune, too
We are sisters of the deep blue sea
And of the soul, too

We are sisters of the heart,
Whether near or far,
We are never apart
Like the Moon guides the stars
May our powers blend and combine,
Like twin souls, we are one mind -
Because to me, we’re more than “just friends”

May the God and Goddess bless our friendship always and forever!
“So mote it be”


  1. It is so wonderful that you have someone like that! It is amazing that neither time nor physical distance can break that bond, you know?

  2. That's very true! There are just some people whom we are meant to share our lives with whether they are our spouses or our best friends! ;)

  3. well i rather have love in my life then no love at all it what gives you hope in the darkest of nights and the light you need to get one step closer to your great grand destiney you were chossen at birth so to my twin soul who i see in my dreams i remeber are enteral love from are prevoius life and i cannot wait to hold you in my arms and sing to again my true undieing love.

  4. hi kimberly my name is natasha st. james im 23 years old and of the wiccan faith i feel the goddess aradia sweet mother of witches along with my own goddess the goddess of cats bas drawn me to your website for help my cat you see who bas sent me at the age of six to worship her and to go into the wiccan religon is sick and keeps wakeing up during the night and nobody in my house loves anymore to care espacially the maan i once called father iam suffering from sleep depertion and im at whits end.ihave no job or high school diplmoa or even a drivers linsce my father is a control freak i fear for the safety of my child and i ony trust the sons and daughters of thy earth i would write more but im tired my cell if you wish call is 240 620 2406 and i live in mongertey county maryland aradia sweet mother of all witches please have her help me and my child my cat rex

    1. Merry Meet Natasha,

      It saddens me to hear that you are going through this terrible time. From what you have told me, the situation seems a dire one and I would suggest that you try to find either a trusted family member perhaps stay with them temporarily until you can get back on your feet again (maybe even a Women in Crisis sort or place) immediately!!!

      In the meantime, I will send you Reiki healing energy and wrap you in white light (I also think that you should do the same with your cat Rex and your child)!

      Sweet child of our Goddess, I pray for all of you!

      Blessings to you,


  5. Hello!

    I was hoping for some advice regarding the Twin Flame... I have recently met mine (about 18 months ago), and we are both young (18), and I am struggling. Your post here perfectly sums up what a friendship with your twin flame should be like. We see eachother most days and are very close and have both described a feeling of being able to tell eachother more than we have ever told anyone else... it is truly wonderful and blessed! The problem is with myself, not with her. As well as enjoying this new discovery of a totally new type of love, I am also in a committed romantic relationship, and I am struggling to balance my romantic feelings toward him, my partner of two years, and my intense pulling desire to be with her. As I'm sure you understand, you want to give everything to your TF and protect them and support them. I feel somewhat torn between the two relationships, I love them both. Do you have any advice?

    Many blessings,

    1. Merry Meet, Lauren!

      I do apologize for taking so long to respond to you, with my busy schedule and Ostara, it has been a bit crazy!! LOL!

      Thank you for your comment and I will do my best to answer your question as best that I can. My twin soul/flame and I met when we were in our mid to late twenties and we both had a significant other in our lives. Whenever possible, we spent time together as couples. There were times when we would just hang out when time allowed it. I do not know how old you and your twin flame are, but my advise to you both is to try to balance your time as needed or available, you know? There should never be any jealousy or animosity amongst any of you. With situations such as this, you are dealing with two completely different kinds of love and need.

      I hope that helps you somewhat.

      Brightest Blessings and all the best to you ~

      Lady Caer Morganna