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Thursday, January 02, 2014

This and That ...

Greetings, my friends! I hope everyone had a blessed holiday! A couple of things have happened here already since the New Year. First of all, my father was admitted into the hospital on New Year's Eve for several different issues at once. He had fluid in his lungs and extremely bad swelling in his legs and other parts of his body. Now, my dad is not a big man and they think that most of the swelling was caused by his very serious heart problems. At this time, he remains in the hospital while they complete a series of tests (x-rays, ultra sounds, etc.) on him. They have managed to get the swelling down substantially, but it will take more time.

Secondly, my hubby and I have been feeding yet another stray cat who has been hanging around since late fall. With the horribly nasty weather we have been getting here in Berks Co., PA since way before the winter solstice offically started, I decided to head down to our local Pet Smart store and purchase an outside doghouse for this poor little kitty ~ and just in time! We are expected to get up to 7 inches of snow mixed with ice and extremely high winds tonight. It has already begun and is supposed to keep going into late morning/early afternoon tomorrow. When I fed the stray kitty earlier this evening, she literally darted out of the doghouse and she had eaten all of the cat food I left for her inside the doghouse from this morning before I left for work. We are hoping that she makes it through the winter alright. The good thing about her is, she doesn't seem to stray very far from our house...

And finally, our cats have been passing around a type of respiratory infection i.e. sneezing, running eyes and nose. We have already treated Midnight with anti-bioltic meds  prescribed to him by our trusty vet, but it appears that we must treat ALL of the cats now. With the the crazy holidays and the bad weather, it will have to wait until sometime next week. UH, I am soo over this winter already!!!  LOL!!


  1. My Dad was admitted to the hospital on New Year's Day in 2011 for almost the exact same thing. Did your father walk in on his own? If so, ask his doctor about getting him into some physical therapy when they feel he is well enough to handle it. They waited so long to get my Dad started (I had to suggest it to the doctor) that my Dad never fully regained the ability to walk. The doctors sort of "give up" sometimes on people with heart issues. Be vigilant and ask questions. (((hugs)))

    1. He could barely walk and is currently using a wheelchair to get around the hospital at this point. Sometimes I have to truly wonder if the medical profession really has it together. His doctor "assured" my mom that this would not happen to my dad after they released him from the hospital two weeks ago as an emergency outpatient. Too many different "specialists" and no communication between them it seems. I am so sorry to hear that your dad had to deal with his doctor's own incompetence. In my opinion, there is simply NO excuse for it! But I am not afraid to ask questions and whether they like it or not I ask them! :)

      Thank you for sharing this with me. Blessings, my friend ~ Kim

  2. Kim, I am so sorry about your father! Just reading your comment! I agree to many specialists! I know when I was sick, I kept getting sent back home, until I finally found the right doctor! I am sending your father healing prayers! I hope he is not in any pain! Your hubby and you have such good hearts with the fur babies that are around you! I hope this little one makes it through the winter alright! xoxoxo