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Monday, February 24, 2014

A shopping I did go ...

Greetings to all! First of all, I would just like to say "thanks" to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and sentiments! Today is the last day of my extended weekend until I go back to work tomorrow so yesterday hubby and I took a little trip to a really cool (and huge!) Shopping Plaza in Royersford, PA. We looked around in as many shoppes as we could, dined at a very nice wood-grilled steak resteraunt called, "Firebirds", and of course stopped at the Michael's Arts & Crafts Store located there. 

Since I have been working on my crafts as of late, I found quite a few really cool itmes in which to create with. Minature white besoms, cute little holiday figures, and specically deocrated plastic holiday and metallic eggs were among them. Here are a couple of things I have made so far ...

Large Seasonal Cat Wreath

Ostara Tree with purple hay for tinsel

Bunny Tree Top

Ostara Tree with white lights

The really funny thing was, as we were standing in line at the checkout (on my actual birthday day), I heard an advertisment over the store intercom which said, "Celebrate your birthday making crafts!" I just smiled and thought to myself, "I am!" LOL!!


  1. You were in the store the right day! LOL! That's so cute what came over the intercom! Loving everything you have created! Really special! You're house must look so happy ;o) I can feel the happiness ;o) Big Hugs ;o)