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Friday, July 04, 2014

Thanks, Ehstemai!

Late last week, I received an e-mail from a very nice Wiccan Priestess named  Ehstemai. She happened to come across one of my old poems which I had posted on Witchvox called, "Earth Sisters."

She told me that she believes her readers would really love it and asked my permission to post it on on her site, "What is Wicca?" The poem is scheduled to be featured on her blog on July 5th:


To learn more about Ehstemai and her site, please click on the above link.  :)


 Earth Sisters

In fate they so did meet
In friendship they so stayed
Neither realized the kind of bond
That yet was to be made

Judy so shy and quiet
And Kim with Pisces eyes
Both are kind and caring,
Free spirited and wise

As years went by so quickly
Their lives seemed such a mess
Always striving to move forward
But growing so restless

Until one day they finally found
A love they both could share
In the precious Lord and Lady
Who are always everywhere

They chose their craft name wisely
One Rhiannon and one Caer
And thus respect Natures powers
Of Fire, Water, Earth and Air

They worship now in perfect trust
As they give back to the Earth
And where they once felt unalive,
They now can feel rebirth

So with each passing day
Their sisterhood grows strong
As does their love of music
Which they share in dance and song

They know someday the time will come
The question is not where but when
As Merry Meet, merry part
And Merry they'll meet again

~ Lady Caer Morganna 

 Posing for a pic with my "Earth Sister" Rhiannon on Lughnasadh ~ circa 1998



  1. I visited "What is Wicca" and found a wonderful place...thank you, Kim.

    Your poem is more than lovely it touches the heart and soul and speaks of Wicca for what it is...a beautiful loving, caring religion. How can it not be with beautiful people such as yourself and your earth sister being a part of this gentle worship~

    Hugs & Blessings,

    1. Aww, Jan you are just too sweet, my dear friend!!! I think you are a very beautiful person as well!!

      Much love and big hugs,


  2. Thank you for letting me share it, Kim! I'm sure I'll be asking you to share other stuff, but your blog is just a treasure-trove of cool stuff and it'll take me awhile to uncover it all! And it was such a pleasure to "meet" you! :)

    Brightest Blessings,

    1. You are very welcome, my friend and thank you! May I say that It is both an honor and a pleasure to meet you! I am so glad you enjoy my blog! I love yours as well ... VERY COOL! Please do feel free to borrow my poems anytime you like. ;)

      Love & Light,

  3. This is so beautiful Kim ;o) My heart is smiling ;o) Love you my sister ;o)