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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Kiki Update ...

Thank you to everyone who sent our Kiki-girl get well wishes! We picked her up from our vets last night. They gave us post-surgery instructions, two different pain meds (one liquid, one in pill form), and a plastic e-collar to prevent her from opening up her fresh stitches. Sounds simple, right?

Well, got her home and in the large dog cage to keep her from too much activity for the next couple of days or so and tried to give her both pain meds at the same time (as they are meant to work in conjunction) which we were told to start her on that night. She fought us so much with the pill that we were not able to give it to her. We managed; however, to get the liquid meds in her although that, too, was a struggle. Then a little later on we attempted to get her e-collar on her. In the process, she somehow managed to get her right front leg underneath it and it began to cut at her stitches. Hubby's hand was covered with her blood and he quickly grabbed a scissors to cut the e-collar off of her as to not cause further harm. Luckily, she did not scratch at her wound and the bleeding eventually stopped. Fearing that she may get an infection; however, we took her back to our vets late this morning and by that time the open wound had scabbed over. We explained everything to Dr. Ostrich and he told us that as long as she isn't messing with the stitches, we could forego the e-collar idea. And, as far as the pain meds are concerned, as long as she doesn't seem to be in any pain, we do not need to stress her out anymore than necessary. Agreed!!

So, she is currently settled in her cage and we will let her back out again after her stitches have begun to heal. They are dissolvable so we will not have to take her to get them removed at all. 


  1. Poor Kiki and poor you! Hope she heals quickly and well. =)

  2. Poor sweetie...and you and hubby aren't having it to well either! Get well soon, Kiki!!!

    Hugs to All

  3. Rhiannon said ... Glad to hear kiki isn't bothering with her wound and is doing just fine!!

  4. Willow said ... My word! They sure make us work to help them!!

  5. Poor Kiki! Bless her heart! Big Hugs Kim ;o)