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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Gift of Friendship ... Thank You, Stacy!

Greetings everyone!Right now, I am doing my happy dance as this morning I received a package in the mail from Stacy from her awesome blog, MagicLoveCrow! You see, I was one of the lucky winners of her latest wonderful giveaway!

She is such a sweet soul with a giving heart that she picked out the most excellent gifts you could imagine. Along with a special friendship card for Yule, she also sent me a lovely gift card to accompany my beautiful treasures.

 A gorgeous sterling silver elephant pendant made from a fork. I thought that the elephant was especially meaningful as it symbolizes strength, family, good luck and happiness. Simply perfect!

And two very lovely hearts ~ one made of Rose Quartz and the other is a Singing Heart with pretty flower designs!

 All of the prize gifts were selected from one of her fav stores called, "Daylyn" ...  very cool shop and a place you simply must check out!

Thank you, Stacy for being you (and for having such great taste!)! You are simply the best!

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  1. Love you my sister ;o) Enjoy ;o) I am so happy you still have your ornament ;o) I am making myself one ;o) Big Hugs xoxoxo