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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Ode to Yule (and a Throwback Thursday)

"... As I walked out on Yuletide,
The winter winds blew cold
I saw the Winter King a-standing,
Grey and grim and old
His cloak was pulled around Him,
A child was in His hand
And He sang, “Blessed Be and Blessed Be
   And Blessed Be again!"

   ~  Joe Bethancourt, "Blessed Be Again"


 A very OLD pic of my childhood friend, Dave and I at Flanagan's Pub back in 1988 ... (you may remember him from last Sunday's birthday celebration post with my hubby?)

A pic my hubby took while camping with friends back in 1999 ... (Okay, so Mother Theresa I am not!)

Horseback riding taken by my sister Willow ~ circa 1996



  1. What fun to have a 'turn back time' moment!

  2. I love these throw back thursday posts! So much fun ;o) I think if I posted any of my pics, I would scare people! LOL! You do look like Mother Theresa ;o) LOL! Beautiful poem ;o) Big Hugs ;o)