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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Home Town

For as long as I can remember, my hubby has wanted us to move away from our home town of Reading, PA. I have lived here my entire life ~ and no where else. My main reasons have and still are the very same ~ my home is where my family is, my job and my very closest life-time friends are.

Sadly; however, it is getting more and more difficult to stay. According to a 2012 Huffington Post report, and I personally know this to be so as I can see this truth all around us in our town of Reading, we are the poorest city for our population in the country!

That being said, I would like to share with you all a few more reasons why I so wish to stay ...

**The Reading Pagoda**

** The Witch's Hat Pavilion **

The pavilion was built in 1892 in honor of William McIlvain, an avid hiker who often stopped to rest at that spot on the mountain. A plaque affixed to one of the walls pays homage to its history.

Over the years, the brownstone structure became known as the Witch's Hat because of its cone-shaped roof.

** Stokesay Castle **

Inspired by a 13th century English castle by the same name, Stokesay Castle was once the summer home of the Hiester Family. Mr. Hiester spared no expense when it came to the 10 acre property. Local building materials and craftsmen were used, and great care was exercised in duplication hand-carved beams, and leaded windows. Thankfully, Jack Gulati had fond memories of Stokesay Castle and rescued it in March of 2009, from almost certain deprecation. Mr. Gulati dedicated millions to the restoration of the Castle, Ballroom and surrounding grounds. Upgrading much of the plumbing, electric and other amenities have left Stokesay in a memorable, yet modernized state. The vaulted cathedral ceilings still loom over the Lord's Dining Room, only now there is a view into Stokesay Castle's newest addition, The Knight's Pub.

A pic from our wedding album posing in front of Stokesay Castle ~ 2001

** Greisemer's Mill Bridge **

Built in 1868, "Greisemer's Mill Bridge" is a historic wooden covered bridge located in Oley Township in Berks County, Pennsylvania. It is a 124-foot-long, Burr Truss bridge, constructed in 1868. It has a gable roof and stone abutments. It crosses the Manatawny Creek. It is one of five covered bridges remaining in Berks County. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

A commemorative pin from the 2007 Skate America held in Reading, PA. My mother, my MIL and I attended this event at "The Sovereign Center" ~ downtown Reading. It was so memorable as not only were we able to spend a fun afternoon together, but it was so cool to see all of the International Skaters just walking around the hallways ... Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Canadian, Korean .
Some pics I had taken from our seats ...

 The awesome Chinese Pair team of Pang & Tong!

 U.S. Men's 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek

 U.S. Women's Olympian Kimmie Meissner 

                    Aerial view of Reading, PA ~ City Lights

 And finally, this is the scene of Reading, PA I will always remember growing up as a child. We lived on a hill and I saw these beautiful lights which lit up the city every night. Always loved it!

"Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life." - John Updike 


  1. Kim, whatever you and your hubby decide, I wish you both all the best! It must be so hard! You live in a very beautiful city! I love all the pictures and I love the history you shared! Cool skating pics ;o) Sending you and your loved ones many blessings ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. I'm sure you will choose whatever is best for your own family. 22 years ago, my husband and I moved our elementary aged children to the beach, away from the Baltimore suburbs where we both grew up and our families mostly lived. It was quite difficult, but today, I'd not want it any other way.

    New Year blessings from the Mid-Atlantic Coast :)