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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More of This and That ...

Brightest Blessings all! Just another little update on Leo's progress since we began his medication. As our vet warned us, it may take up to a couple of weeks before we see any change in his temperament. So far, we have noticed somewhat of a difference as he seems to have become a bit calmer when dealing with us and the rest of the cats. At any rate, only time will tell whether or not we continue using this medication.
Yesterday while having lunch with my sister Rhiannon, I received a very nice surprise ... these lovely inspirational blocks which currently adorn my living room along with our large collage pic.
Also, I have two new additions ~ one for my portable altar ... 

A set of mermaid candle holders

And, a beautiful Willow Tree Angel holding sunflowers. The figurine is called, "Sunshine" and because it reminds me so of autumn, I plan to add it to my Lughnasadh altar this year ...

 Here's wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week!!!


  1. What lovely surprises, and all so personally meaningful - the best kind!

  2. My dearest, Kim...always such beautiful things to see and handsome Leo to adore. Your blog always reminds me of visiting a friend...thank you~

    Blessings & Light

  3. The mermaid candle holders are so cute! Nice greetings :)