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Saturday, October 3, 2015

On Pins and Needles

Greetings, my dear friends. I hope everyone is well! As you all know from a previous post, we had taken our Kiki to our vet to have a procedure performed to check her for polyps in her nasal cavity. They found none, but Dr. Heather was very concerned about the fact that her left and right sides looked different and feared that she may have a tumor instead! So, we had a biopsy done over a week ago and have yet to hear back from them regarding her results. After numerous calls to these people, I found out that (unknown to us anyhow) they had also done a culture and we were told that came back normal, but still do not know about the biopsy findings and the status of a tumor or whether or not it is cancerous. We are frantic as you can well imagine! To make matters worse, Dr. Heather is on vacation all next week and I will most likely have to keep on top of the vet's ass about the biopsy results and having one of their other vets interpret them. NOT happy with this vet clinic anymore to say the very least!

Meanwhile, the very same day we took Kiki to have her procedure done to check for polyps, Tabitha began limping on her right front leg again. After taking her previously to be seen by one of  the other vets where we had also taken Kiki, we were told at that time that she had nothing broken (even though they did not feel the need to take any x-rays) and she was sent home with an anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Well, that worked for her for about a week before she began limping once again.

This time, we decided to take her for a second opinion to another reputable vet whom I have heard is very good at diagnosing medical issues and is located just up the road a couple of miles from our other vet. Dr. Mike examined her, took x-rays right then and there and we waited a few minutes while he got them back to go over them with us. He showed us the x-rays and where the problem is localized. It looks as though she has something stuck in her paw pad which is causing an infection. Her paw pad is red and swollen and although the x-rays were not able to show exactly what or how far in the object is, at least we now know what the issue is. For the next three weeks, we are to give her 1 1/2 pills twice a day Clavamox (antibiotic), 1 syringe which was already proportioned out by the vet every other day of Metacam (anti-inflammatory), and 1/2 capsule in her food of Gabapentin (for pain).

As you can see, I have made up a 21-day chart for both Kiki and Tabitha's med dosage schedule ...

And so, the waiting game begins. At this time, I am performing reiki on both cats and we are praying for the best!


  1. For being a vet your original vet seems pretty uncaring. Poor Kiki! Why should she receive any less concern than a human when they visit the doctor and have to suffer because they need to be on vacation!!! Not to mention the worry that you and your hubby are going through!

    I am adding Kiki to my prayers and sending her and you and hubby healing and positive thoughts. Please keep us informed about sweet Kiki~

    Hugs and Much Love to All

    1. Thank you so very much, dear Jan! Will do!

  2. Oh I am so sorry. Some vets only go into the business for the money, not because they care. Sending healing prayers for both your little kitties.

    1. Much appreciated, Mary! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

  3. I can't believe that you have not heard back from the biopsy yet. I hope that you know something soon.

    I hope that the medicine works for Tabitha very quickly. Hugs to you and your babies.

  4. My friend, I am sending healing prayers! I am so sorry for both your kitties!
    Kim, I have been away from blog land for too long! Trying to come back, little by little! Missed you! Much love!