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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One Fabulous Night!

Last night, hubby and I had the very fortunate opportunity to see "Loreena McKennitt ~ A Trio Performance" at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center in Reading, PA.  It was a lovely evening, an intimate stage setting, and she sounded simply AMAZING!!!

I found her to be an extremely charming and elegant performer who has both a gifted voice and an extraordinary musical talent!

Here are a few pics we took from our front row center seats of last night's show ...

The Trio ~ Brian Hughes (Guitars and Bouzouki), Loreena McKennitt (vocals, piano & Harp), and Caroline Levelle (Cello, Recorder, & Vocals)

The performance featured a bit of Celtic history in between songs and Loreena spoke with such a passion! She shared some personal stories with her audience as well, including her confession that she actually originally wanted to become a veterinarian, but as she put it, "Music chose me, I did not chose it." Understandably, she did allow us to take some pictures of her as long as it was while she was speaking to us and not singing. In fact, at one point, she smiled and politely said to all of us, "Okay, get it out of your system, you may please take your photo's while I am speaking now." She further added as the camera flashes went off, "You know, it does look a lot like fireworks!"  LOL!! I just loved her!!!
Such an unbelievable evening and an unforgettable wedding anniversary gift which hubby and I gave to one another! 


  1. Oh I love her. You are so lucky. She is my ultimate favorite.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful concert! I am glad that you got to attend. :)