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Sunday, November 22, 2015

This and That

Another busy week has come and gone and with the holiday of Thanksgiving approaching this coming week it will promise to be yet another busy one. Since our families always celebrate it, suffice it to say, so do we because they are, after all, our only family. Hubby, myself, and my mom are planning on spending Thanksgiving day having a delicious home-cooked dinner at hubby's cousin's home. It is always nice to be able to spend quality time with friends and family regardless of the reason for the season.

My MIL is currently out of the hospital after her hip surgery and in a very good rehab for a few days. Not sure if she will make it home or not in time for Thanksgiving as of yet. Hubby has been and is still staying at the in-laws house in order to watch over his dad who has Alzheimer's and obviously can not be left to his own devices. He naturally has his "good" days and his "bad" days which is to be expected. under the circumstances.

Me 'n' hubby clowning around: A little pic of us taken back in 1998.

Highlight of the week? Hubby surprised me with a lovely little bouquet of carnations (my favorite flower actually) ...

And finally, for all of my friends who celebrate it, I wish everyone a very Blessed Thanksgiving!
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  1. That's a great pic of you and your hubby, wishing you both a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you, Lon! I wish the same to you and your lovely wife as well!

  2. hope you have a wonderful holiday celebration. I am off till the weekend. see you later!

    1. Thanks, Mr. Rat ... Have a great holiday and weekend! Later!