We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody! I am the new coauthor of Kimberly's blog known by the nickname Lomendil Moriquendi or Dark Elf - that's what it means. I am a fellow Wiccan holding no degree. I hope; however, to get my degrees when I come to the States. I am a Greek Eclectic Wiccan. Wicca or Greek National Religion is not yet recognized in Greece. We still struggle against people that are strict and even fanatic. Christian's believing that they ought to "save" their nation from the "dangers" all other religions are supposed to be.

People risked going to jail just two decades ago because they were Buddhists and dared to gather together to pray and meditate. Now they just leave us alone and consider us "new age crazies". They can't risk a trial in the European Court, but they still do commit "fraud" by trying to fool the EU officials and to delay the recognition as long as possible. But, at least they leave us alone.

Through the Craft, I had some contacts from a very young age but it all actually began, 8 years ago with my father's death in April 2008. Then I realized that there is no god taking care of us and having a plan for our lives as the Church wants us to believe. The only reward you take from being good and calm is abuse, exploitation and a beggar's position in the street. I almost lived through that thanks to my own family because you can't be good and calm in a world of predators as you place yourself at the bottom of feeding chain. 

A meeting that was important happened about that time with a Greek Gentile. He tried not to parsuade me of anything, but instead he told me that I had been taught by the establishment's school only selected parts of the Christian Bible and that I didn't read it all. Back then I didnt believe him and told him I will read it carefully and then tell him what I thought. My conclusion is that even if mankind was really the offspring of Eve and Adam - there is a theory that states that the surviving ancestors of humans are children of the same woman - the bible was not inspired by any god - except if that god was drunk - because it has many contradictions and errors while telling its story. No perfect god, creator of everything would say such ridiculous things.

Pagans and naturalists were right it that there is no "good god" and "evil satan." The Gods are neutral creations of a neutral Mother Nature, Goddess Gaia, or simply The Goddess. The only one science proven Goddess. Take a look at the Gaia theory by Lovelock for more information:

The whole biosphere is a unified and thinking organism and we are parts of it. Most likely we are Her reproductive organs because we are programed to explore and to develope science so that at some time we shall go to other planets and create Her daughter biospheres. But, we are not that important as persons for Her to have plans for each of us and to take care of us. She thinks of us as a set of units. The set is important for Her and not each of it's parts. So if we don't take care of ourselves, no god will.

After three years of studying, I set up a blog and a facebook profile to share my thoughts to those willing to call me "friend." That profile was deleted by me because I had been met with more scorn and abuse than love. I kept only three friends from the old profile: Dominique, George and Kimberly.

My meeting with Kimberly was accidental in the end of May 2011, about two months after I started my blog. While searching for a good Wheel of the Year for my blog, I found Kimberly's and liked it - and her - very much and we quickly became friends.

After five years of friendship, she asked me to become a coauthor in her blog and I gladly accepted.

~ Lomendil Moriquendi


  1. You have chosen a very sweet person to be your friend and fellow coauthor. I wish you luck. Kim loves sharing her knowledge of the Wiccan religion here on her blog. I am looking forward to your postings also...Jan

  2. I'm a Buddhist, and I must say, I really liked much of what you had to say.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi and welcome! What an interesting read! You have picked a great coauthor Kim!

  4. Actually, we picked each other. Let's say it was a blind date... :p