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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why will you never hear from me a spell or ritual or other practical topics. A discussion on secrecy within the Craft.

When begining my studies on the Craft, I was against secrecy, believing those who are teaching in secret just fear to expose their ridiculous teachings and that they chose stupid ignorants to have as supposed students  in reality as sheep and make them swear that they will never reveal their nonsense to the public. While this is true for many supposed teachers, it's not exactly true as stated in general. 

Alternative religious movements have many enemies including other churches and the state-promoted church if exists one. The money at risk are much and the interests - for controlling the masses through the fear of death - are great. If you aren't careful they will crush you. They defame you, make you appear ridiculous and even drag you to endless trials. Bigoted atheists that are a specific kind of atheism, seeking to ridicule all religions, are also a problem. Especially if what you are teaching can't be strictly proven by science, they will attack you and make you a permanent target in their trolling pages, blogs, etc. They will even mimick rituals to ridicule them.

Even if you don't deserve to be ridiculed, you shall be so. 

Another risk you are running is to say something that is against the state's law to be said. There are some truths in life that are "politically incorrect" according to the establishment everyday brainwashing of the people. So you are forced not to speak against the generally admited "truths" that are being promoted by the state or you risk being put on trials.

Even if you don't deserve to be defamed or tried, you shall be so.

The less you say in public the better. Choose your students in secret and teach them in secret. Play their game with their rules. None must know that you teach people and who they are. Choose your students carefully and have them traditionally initiated swearing oaths of secrecy. Choose people that are financially independent because if there is a parent or husband that does not agree with you, you may have trouble. Choose people that are consistent, reliable and can keep secrets. 

Never talk to strangers. This old proverb applies here. Only take people you know well in for training. Do not overdo it about the number. They must be very few. Never take people that are just curious in. Curious people talk too much. If you are asked by a stranger if you are teaching, deny it and demand to know from where  he/she heard that. If he refuses to tell, pretend that you are offended and use it as an excuse not to talk to that person again. He/she most probably wants to spy on you.

In times of persecution, only our Goddess grant us the Gift of the Right to Secrecy. She instructed us through the Old Law to even deny Her, in order to save our lives. Other gods including our enemy demand that you sacrifice yourself because they feed on negative energy.

The student candidate must never know beforehand that will be or is a student of yours. Be very careful and estimate acurately if he is appropriate for and deserving your teaching and only when you are sure, tell him. Don't throw Her Wisdom and Grace to the unworthy and uncivilized ignorants.

Only theological and related scientific topics will be discuss by me in public.

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