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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Black Widow Mermaid ~ by JFM

Do not listen to her call
you must ignore her plea
do not answer, do not follow
when she calls you toward the sea

she has a dark, ebony beauty
while sitting on the rocks
where she has lured many a sailor
from the safety of the docks

she will enchant you and bewitch you
then take you by your hand
where she will lead you into deep, dark waters
far away from land and sand

there she will become her true self
the Black Widow that she was meant to be
where she will drown your cries and sorrows
deep in her lair below the sea~



A very special THANK YOU to my dear friend and very talented artist, Jan for being so kind as to allow me to share her beautiful painting and poem with all of you on our blog. She knows what a mermaid lover I am! Please feel free to visit her at her blog, All Mingled Together.


  1. Dearest Kim, you are so very kind...Thank you.
    I was honored when you, a lover of mermaids, fell in love with my "Bad Girl of The Sea"...Thank you dear friend 💝

  2. I love Jan's art and poems! She is amazing! Big Hugs!