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Thursday, February 22, 2018

And the hits just keep on coming ...

It was not even a year ago that we lost our beloved Midnight, then came beautiful Kiki, and now we get the horrible news that sweet Haley has been diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. She was not eating well for me for the past few days so we took her to our vet at Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital. They took a urinalysis, performed blood work, and gave her a full examination. By the end of the day, Dr. Lila called me at home to inform me that Haley has kidney disease and possibly a bladder infection as well, but it looked at that point that we could give her more time by adjusting her diet, giving her meds, etc. The very next morning her husband, Dr. Mike, called us and told us that after reviewing her test results, Haley's kidney's are so bad that she will only have a few days, if we are lucky, to live. 

All of this comes just in time for my birthday this week and I fear I will have to spend it taking her to the vet and having her put to sleep. Needless to say, my heart is breaking and I am still reeling from the loss of my Kiki so soon!

They say god only gives you what you can handle. Quite frankly, I personally feel that is all BS myself. The loss of my brother, loss of my 13 year job, now the loss of three of my beloved fur babies in a row in less than a year at that.

I am seriously considering taking a hiatus from my blogs in the hope that I might be able to "re-charge my batteries" a bit. I am trying very hard to be strong, but it is so difficult at this point in my life. It seems the older I am getting the harder it is to bounce back from things. I am even considering not taking anymore animals in for a very long time, but we shall see ... I will have to think on it. Until then, I will spend the next couple of days comforting my sweet Haley and trying to make her as comfortable as I possibly can. As per usual, nature (and/or god depending upon what you believe in) has the last word and always will. But, I will do my best to give Haley all of the love I have left in me regardless of what challenges life puts before me!

One day at a time ...


  1. Oh, my Lady, I am so very, very sorry. You are strong and will get through this difficult time. Time will help heal your heart, but you must do what you feel is right for you.

  2. Kim, I am so very sorry!! So very sorry! Give Haley a big hug from me! Kim, you will get through this! Right now, you have to do, what is right for you. Sometimes, we need that "alone" time! That "quiet" time, to listen to our soul. The Universe is really pushing you towards change! Big Change! Feel everything. Cry, laugh, scream! But, always make sure to hug yourself and never stop loving you!! Big Hugs!

  3. Donna Nye
    So Sorry to hear this Kim. I feel sad for you and for her. I regretfully put my cat to sleep many valentines days ago and still to this day remember the lesson i've learned at that horrid moment of decision. Lesson learned . . . Step back and realize and think before anything is decided . . is this happening because I want to rid myself of my pain of knowing she is "not perfectly healthy" anymore and so I decide to end it for the sake of my torment . I wish that I would've just let her go naturally. Any which way the inevitable comes I can say there are many of my beloved animals that I feel are now with me again in a healthy new body to live life over again with me. Time heals and the universe always eventually provides your most deepest wants and wishes. Blessed be.

  4. I'm so terribly sorry for this absolutely devastating news.
    sending hugs and much love for you and Haley.

  5. Haley needs your love and your strength now dear Kim. She cannot understand why she feels the way she does and needs comforting from her human mommy.
    You have gone thru so much and I wish that I had answers for you. I have no answers my dear friend. I only know that if we do not continue to fight then we have lost the battle...no matter what it is.
    I wish you comfort and strength...and I send you and Haley my love and healing thoughts~

    Hugs and Blessings

  6. Hugs, Kim. Wish I was there to be a shoulder to cry on. Yup, bouncing back isn't happening as fast as I would like this go round for me either.

  7. I am so saddened to hear of all your losses.i understand how truly difficult it is to lose a pet because they're not just animals they're family! I lost my best friend Kiki a 14 year old tuxedo kitty in December of 2015. I am now just starting to look at photos of her without breaking down and crying. It's still hard to talk about.

    I am keeping you in my thoughts. Blessed Be )O(