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Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Throwback Thursday and a little gift

Yesterday, we were given a nice little appreciation gift at work. There were dozens of petunia planters (Supertunia Bordeaux) laid out on the front lawn of the building as we entered and we were told to pick one as an Employee Appreciation Day gift. They had pretty purple and pink colored ones - I picked a purple one. I decided since it is coming up on Memorial Day and Arbor Day wasn't too long ago, I would plant it out in front of our house in dedication of my beloved dad who I miss so very much. He loved and respected nature so much and he  also served in the Army during the Korean War. 

And the saga continues ... the very next night after we had gotten the news about Butterscotch, I noticed Sir Leo sneezing A LOT! I called the vet the next morning and they were able to fit him in with Dr. Lila at 3:05. She examined him and said he has an upper respiratory infection. She did not dispense meds - she told us that it would work its' way through in time. However, now he has to be separated from Butterscotch until next week in an attempt to not compromise his surgery. That is what I was concerned about most and I am glad we could get Leo in to be seen right away. We are currently keeping him in the catio until the end of next week.

(originally posted on Tuesday, August 04, 2015)

A Very Special Honor

Today, my mother called me up to give me a bit of heart- touching news and something which brought tears to both of our eyes. A neighbor of my parents for many years now who also happens to be a member of The Arbor Day Foundation, presented her with a card informing her of the following:

"In memory of William Lorah as a tribute, 20 trees will be
  planted and registered in the Chippewa National Forest. This   
  memorial was given by Mr. & Mrs. Bill Trout from Grings Hill
  Grooming Salon.

  With thoughts of comfort, peace and caring, these trees will be a
  living monument to your loved one."
                            ~ The Arbor Day Foundation

I know that he would have been very honored and extremely pleased to hear that wonderful news as my dad had always loved and revered nature and held a life-long respect for her always.

My father touched the life of each and every person who had ever had the pleasure of knowing him and I feel that this is indeed a special way of honoring his memory. It makes our family very proud of my dad, just knowing that so many people loved and respected him so much. He was most definitely one in a million and he will remain in our hearts forever.

Have a good one, friends!

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  1. The petunias are lovely.
    Thanks for the latest news on the cats, fingers crossed all goes well.

    Wonderful tribute to your Dad.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan


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