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Saturday, March 05, 2011

An Elemental Break (Air): "Fly Away" - John Denver

Today, I felt like taking a muscial "elemental break" so to speak. I have always LOVED John Denver's music growing up and still do so I thought that I would add this beautiful song about the element of Air onto my blog. He had written so many wonderful songs about Nature -  I hope you enjoy it!

"Fly Away" Lyrics

All of her days have gone soft and cloudy
All of her dreams have gone dry
All of her nights have gone sad and shady
She's getting ready to fly

Fly away fly away fly away.

Life in the city can make you crazy
For sounds of the sand and the sea
Life in a high rise can make you hungry
For things that you can't even see

Fly away fly away fly away.

In this whole world there's nobody as lonely as she
There's nowhere to go and there's nowhere
That she'd rather be.

She's looking for lovers and children playing
She's looking for signs of the spring
She listens for laughter and sounds of dancing
She listens for any old things

Fly away, fly away, fly away

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