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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"The Magick of Reiki": A book review

"The Magick of Reiki" written by Christopher Penczak is, for the most part, a very interesting and informative book for those who wish to have an overview about the elements of reiki itself.

The author talks about the history and origins of Usui Ryoho as well as the more modern reiki traditions, working with crystals, healing attunements both self and client, working with your seven chakras, using and working with Spirit Guides including angels and our deities, hand positions, and much, much more.

Much of what was written in his book are things which I definately can identify with; however, the only part that I had a real concern about was the author's section on hand positions regarding clients. When giving reiki, we work from the top of head moving downward through the clients entire body and releasing the negative/excess engery out through the feet. The author suggests that when performing reiki on someone, you should stand "in front of" the clients feet!

Now, going way back from my Reiki Level I classes and also reiterated during my Reiki Level II, a Reiki Practitioner should never, repeat, never stand in front of the clients feet while giving reiki to them. If you do so, you will most certainly pay for it later as all of the negative energy from the client's body which you must release back out into the Universe will surely enter yours in some fashion. I have even heard of some practitioners who have actually gotten terrible headaches and such later on that day or night because they put themselves in the way of that negative energy. Sometimes while performing reiki on someone, I can actually feel their back pain during the process, but it immediately goes away after being released. To stand in front of your clients feet is most definately not something I would ever recommend to anyone performing reiki! I cringe at the thought of it quite frankly.

Other than this, I found the book to be educationally factual and he covers a large territory of subjects including but not limited to the legalities of the practice of reiki. One thing I really liked, and most certainly agreed with, was his section called, "You are a Healing Facilitator, Not a God!" Correct-a-mundo! He explains that Reiki Pracitioners simply provide an opportunity to heal and help others through the process. As I have said before, we as pratitioners are merely a rod or "go-in-between" so to speak. And I truly believe this to be so.


  1. I like to think of it as I'm a pipe which the Divine works through. I agree with you on the feet thing....although at some of the Reiki shares there was some who worked on someones feet since they were giving them a problem. But I wouldn't do that, at least not at the bottom, perhaps on the side. At the end of the treatment we would work the negative energy down from the head through the feet. You know we could actually feel that.

    Happiness and Light to ALL !

  2. That IS interesting 'll have to ask my teacher about that as I was taught to stand at feet - backwards.

    Love Leanne

  3. Artsings ~ I, too, work on the feet from the back or the side only - it works! And I love the way you describe your role as reiki practitioner with working with the Devine. You are soo right, my dear sister!!!

    Leanne ~ Hmmm, that kind of makes me wonder if that may be why you got so sick after your classes??? Just saying ... ;)
    Hugs to you, my friend!

    Blessings to all,


  4. I don't know much about Reiki, but my sister is a remarkable energy healer (and I have a fraction of that "talent"), and now matter where we stand when working, if we do not wash our hands with clear water afterwrads, we are almost certain to keep some of the nasty for ourselves. Hence I do not know whether it would be actually standing in front of the client's feet that would cause the headaches and stuff or just the "tradition" of this being a bad thing.

  5. Diandra ~ For me (and with all due respect), as a practitioner of many years, I can tell you that the negative energy which is disposed of from a client's feet while getting rid of it is definately not "just the tradition of this being a bad thing" honestly. I have seen for myself from the very beginning what that kind of energy can do to even your electrical appliances (trust me, I didn't understand until I experienced it myself) and I would not want that kind of energy directed at my own body!

    I guess it comes down to what your own Reiki Master has taught you which is of course handed down from their Reiki Master's lineage. I have complete trust in my own Reiki Master (who also happens to be a Wiccan High Priestess as well)and I know that so far, she has never steered me wrong with any of my teachings.

    Blessing as always,


  6. Kim, I don't do Reiki, but my sister in law is a Reiki Master. I found this post very interesting! I read all the comments and found them very interesting too! Thanks very much ;o) Blessings ;o)

  7. I agree with the feet thing. I too start at the top and work down. Even at the end when I ground them through the feet, I stand to the side. I also agree with the handwashing afterwards.