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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The "Pepsi" Challenge Update

Well, I am beginning to think that Pepsi has the wrong name. He has so much spunk that he should have been named, "Sprite!"  He is still having some trouble adjusting to his new life but, much to our surprise, he is gradually getting better each week. Still not sure if he is going to be happy with us, but at least I know that he is giving it "an old college try." He follows me around the house and lays aside of me when I am watching TV or on the computer. He really is a little lover.

Yesterday, my husband took this pic of he and Midnight ...

We have decided to keep him  for 2 more weeks to see how he does. I know that if it doesn't work out in the end, he will still have a good home with his grandma Fran. She would love to take him and this way her daughter (Pepsi's previous mommy) could visit him all of the time. It is good to know that everyone has Pepsi's best interest at heart - what a really lucky kitty he is!


  1. He is beautiful, that Pepsi. I hope he can stay with you.

  2. Thanks, Robin! Me too!!! ;)

  3. Those eyes in the first photograph ;-).

  4. I have been thinking a lot about you and Pepsi today and wondering how you are all getting on. Please update us when you can. Sending you both lots of love!! (That one picture he looks SO much like Sabrina!!)

  5. Will do Buddhistmama! We are still working with him as best we can.(and YES, he does look a lot like Sabrina!) ;)