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Monday, March 28, 2011

Practical Magic - Crystal by Stevie Nicks

Who doesn't love the movie, "Practical Magic"? I know that I do and watch it every chance I get. The ABC Family Channel ran it yesterday and the songs from the movie soundtrack have been running through my head all day at work today. I really wanted to post the cool video I found on You Tube of the memorable scene in the kitchen when the girls were dancing around the house singing the song, "Coconut" whilst kicking back a few "Midnight Margaritas" but, unfortunately, I wasn't able to. So I ended up with this video clip featuring the beautiful Stevie Nicks song, "Crystal." Hope you enjoy it - this one is for all my fellow "Practical Magic" fans out there - Blessed Be!


  1. I have VERY fond memories of that movie ;)

  2. Me, too my sister and I am so glad that we went to see it together!!! GREAT memories indeed!!! :-)

  3. For pete's sake!! I do love the movie, but just today, I bought the BOOK, and am reading it for the first time...Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. What a strange "coincidence"

  4. Really? That's so awesome, Robin! I am curious to know how the book is compared to the movie. PLEASE let us know how you liked it when you are finished - I would love to know! ;)


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