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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss and, my friends, have we got a lot of "blissful" people out there! Upon reading Diandra's lastest post from her blog, "That Witch Is True," I have decided to re-post this particular post about the ignorance of religious intolerance. I, personally, have not as of yet received any "nasty" little comments or e-mails about my blog or my posts; however unfortunately, some other Wiccans/Pagans in our community have. In my view, this is simply unacceptable although not surprising. Anyway, her post is as follows:

I just got my first Christian hate mail

(The stupid thing is, I do not remember exactly why I got it. Wait, I will just post it:

"My fault pagan, I didn't notice the "Calvinist" perspective comment was still on my blog description. It doesn't seen you noticed either to me though, you should have just pointed that out. It was in very small lettering. Also it's very hard to find that setting in wordpress, and when you are bogged down all the time with all kinds of Hell, like I am, you don't always notice those little things. So, sorry for the insults on that. Why did you put fundamentalist Christianity on your last blog post, this one, and not point out the history of pagans?: Pagans are known for being cold blooded sexually immoral murderers of their own children: https://eternian.wordpress.com/category/ancient-egypt/
In Europe that was severely curtailed by Reformed Christians.And in Asia and India female infanticide continues by the Hindus and those with folk religions. You conveniently, in your bias, overlook these long known facts.

If the evil Catholics hadn't beaten and converted the majority of pagans, that child prostitution, child slavery and female infanticide, and money-hoarding would still be going on.

Also, not all children who are hit by their parents will think it is okay, it depends what else they learn in their lives."


I remember reading and commenting on something about beating children some time ago, but I am almost sure it was not on a Christian blog - how would I get there in the first place? I mean, I do read a few blogs which are written by Christians, but they usually do not touch the subject of faith, because I am fairly sure that would lead to unpleasant comments from both sides and might cause me an aneurism.

This e-mail confused me. It did not upset me, strange enough, and I also have to admit I find it rather amusing.

My (Diandra's )response was as follows:

"Good morning, Mr. Knight,

I am sorry but I think you confuse me with someone. I thought very hard about it for approx. 30 seconds, and I do not think I have ever visited your blog, nor would I take the energy to read or comment on a Christian blog - simply because in most cases it would lead to less-than-friendly exchanges of opinions without anyone benefiting from the incident. In my experience, some religions do not get along as well as others, and while I do have a series of Christian as well as Muslim friends who have simply accepted that, although my soul is (in their opinion) damned, I am still a rather pleasant being. ^^

In my opinion, neither Pagans nor Catholics nor, for that matter, Calvinists are evil per se. It usually depends on the person and their ability (or inability) to connect with others. It is easily possible for someone to be a Pagan and yet be someone I do not like, just as I highly value several people who do not share my faith, just for them being decent humans.

And, just for the records - yes, I do have sex, and I have never killed any children.

Kind regards,
Diandra Linnemann")

Hmm, I repeat, ignorance IS bliss. Of course, all this man need do is take a good, long, hard look into the history of "his" religion (or atleast get the facts about the history of Paganism right)! Though I must say that I really love her response! ;)


  1. Is that person seriously using a blog to back up their claims? Wow.

  2. Yikes ... is he in darkness or what. He is obviously the one in a cult ... I don't know about you, but I find paganism so not like a cult. In fact, most of us are solitary in our practice if you even want to call it that. I have to say these kind of people are scary and dangerous to all of society. Oh, and I'm so glad there is no hell or devil or whatever only goodness and light ... and I don't see how this is Christlike at all.

  3. ArtSings1946 ~ More like "the DARK Ages" I think. You are quite right, HE is the one in a "cult." It really annoys me when Christians associate the Devil or Satan with Paganism and believe it to be a cult. History has shown us very differently. Jim Jones, David Koresh, even Richard Ramierez ~ these were examples of CHRISTIAN theology and they were a corruption by Christians of Christianity. They somehow seem to forget that Satan (taken from old Hebrew text as "Ha-Satan" meaning "the adversary") is THEIR belief, and certainly not any part of OUR religion or faith. And you are right, this behavior isn't "Christlike" at all. My Christian friends do not act as such.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and Brightest Blessings to you always,

    Lady Caer Morganna

  4. I happened upon your blog doing a speed check of Sabbat dates and was surprised to find this. That same message was left for me on my Blogger a few months ago, and I believe the reason Diandra was emailed with it was because she had commented on the entry the idiot responded to, then ignored him when he posted it there. He left us both a comment and he is constantly spoiling for a fight so when she didn't respond his self-righteous indignation was triggered. HARD. He has been following me from blog to blog and harassing me with a barrage of this type of comments and emails for about two years. I've left three blogs trying to get rid of him and until recently he always seemed to know where to find me.

    I wrote about it here, on my last blogger: http://magickalandmundane.blogspot.com/?zx=1e5b88ea9febb085

    I use LJ now. I prefer Blogger but they don't really have anything in place to stop harassment and leaving was the only way to get rid of him.

    (In totally unrelated news, I love your blog!)