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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trip to New Hope

Yesterday my hubby and I spent the entire day in New Hope, PA. While it was overcast, thankfully, it didn't rain.  We enjoyed shopping in our favorite stores and eating at our favorite places...

When we pulled into the parking lot, we were met by the Attendant and his cat, a pretty little tortoiseshell kitty whom he happened to be giving cat treats to as we came in.

The first place we stopped into was a Wiccan store called. "Mystickal Tymes." There, we were greeted by the owner's beautiful white cat, Morganna. I jokingly asked the owner if she was for sale to which he laughed and replied, "For a million dollars!"

I LOVE this store! You name it, they have it ~ gorgeous statues, assorted candles (including figure candles), incense, jewelry, herbs, gemstones, books, bags, altar cloths, oils, clothing, pendulums, tarot readings, and most importantly, my mermaids!

Next, we ate lunch at an Italian Restaurant with a Cabanna Bar called, "Fran's Pub." Afterwards, we hit another Wiccan supply store ~ "Gypsy Heaven" ...

One of the art stores we wondered into had a gorgeous Mermaid statue for $1,200.00. Needless to say, it is still on sale!

New Hope also has a mini mall called, "The Four Seasons" with all kinds of little specialty shoppes in it.

There is even the "Bucks County Playhouse" if you feel like taking in a show.

... finally, we decided to have dinner at a romantic little restaurant called, "Mothers" ~ a great place to eat if you like fine dining. We definately recommend it. We were told by an owner of one of the other shoppes that last week Bruce Springsteen came into town, stopped at Mothers for a beer and a shot and then took off on his motorcycle. Wow, I sure wish we could have been there then! How cool!

New Hope is so close to New Jersey that the Delaware County bridge is located a block away from the main street.

Now you can see why we love New Hope so much. It is a beautful non-commercial town with a lot to offer ~ food, entertainment, great specialty shoppes, etc. I can honestly say that we had a wonderful anniversary weekend indeed!


  1. Wow, two great witchy stops in the same town!!! The first shop looked amazing! Lucky you! The town looks very delightful! Sounds like a fun relaxing weekend with good food and great shopping and sights!

  2. Oh how wonderful. I hope someday I can travel there also. Where I am there are no quaint shops at all ... I think they would burn a witchy shop if they could get away with it. But, I do know there are a lot of us here nevertheless. Just not "out" there because of all the cultish born agains here it's kinda creppy. So, I am so grateful for the internet and finding blogs like yours. I love mermaids also, and am thinking about making some mermaids with fairy wings. Wouldn't that be magical?

    Oh, I wanted to tell you that my sister balanced my chakras the other day. She's a massage therapist and a healer. It was wonderful and that with the acupuncture alignments I've been having I'm feeling so much better. Of course, I give Reiki all the time (at least when I think about it).

    Love and Light,

  3. Robin ~ I know you would LOVE this place and I hope that someday you get to visit New Hope! We have a place called, "Celtic Myth & Moonlight" in Reading that has drumming circles now and again, but so far I have not been able to attend. I hope to someday soon! :)

    Artsings ~ Thank you for your kind words. I think that mermaids with fairy wings would be sooo AWESOME!!! I am all for it! ;)

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  5. Hello is it possible to teach someone wicca if they are not in the same country?

  6. Had no idea that I lived just an hour away from such wonderful places!