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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Virtual Tour ... so far

Although my husband and I live in a fairly small, quaint little house, our cellar is huge! It is separated by a wall down the middle with two door openings, leaving us four separate rooms in which to utilize. This feature and the enclosed porch were actually the selling points for us.

The problem with the cellar is that there is no running water, except for the washing machine, and the walls desperately need to be panelled if at all possible (perhaps a trip to Home Depot is in our near future). The biggest room is our laundry room, one room is used as my husband's Game room, one is for my Altar room and the other my Reiki room.

Some pics from the altar room ...
I  also keep all my Wicca supplies~books, candles ...

... and do all of my tarot readings in this room 

These are my educational tapes and DVD's for my Wicca Classes

And my Reiki Room (currently) ...

Reiki Bed

My altar

TV with DVD/VHS player set up for Wicca classes, etc.

Videos for Reiki Attunements

Blankets for Reiki clients, if needed

Front view,  where you can see one of the open doorways

View from the Game Room

As you can see, the cellar still needs much work, but for the time being it is fully functional and serves the purpose well.

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  1. That is certainly a lot of space. It is great you don't have to try to cram everything in upstairs. How wonderful to be able to have a dedicated Reiki room!