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Monday, September 05, 2011

My idea of Labor Day

For most people I know, the ideal Labor Day is spent outdoors (or in if it is raining outside) having a cook-out ~ barbequing or grilling steaks, chicken, hamburgers or hot dogs. For me however, it was spent quite differently.

It started late last night when we noticed that our cat, Midnight, began hobbling around ~ something he usually does when he is constipated (in spite of the fact that he gets the best Vet recommended kitty food money can buy). So at about 11:30PM, I ran out to Redner's Markets (open 24-7) and picked up a few small canisters of his favorite wet cat food, "Fresh Pet Select." This is actually found in a small refrigerator at the end of the Pet Food and Supply isle of the store. It is all natural and has plenty of gravy so that I can mix some Metamucil in with it for Midnight's "potty" problem.

Of course, you can't just give the yummy stuff to one cat without giving a little to the other!

Then, early this afternoon I drove to my parents house to pick up my dad and bring him back to my Reiki Room for his weekly/bi-weekly Reiki treatment. Since he has developed such bad depression lately, his medical condition has gotten much worse. Sometimes I truly believe that the medical field has gotten it all backwards. Perhaps they should be focusing on our mental/psychological health first and foremost, then our physical issues. Afterall, if our mind/brain is not functioning correctly, how is the rest of our body expected to?

Anyway, I am only more than happy to help him in any possible way that I can. My only real obstacle is being mindeful of his pace-maker. I have to be very careful as to not lay my hands on or near it since it is an electrical device. He is very open-minded and during today's session, he said to me, "This is an exchange of engeries, right?" I smiled and replied, "Yes, it certainly is!" while thinking to myself, "Great! He actually GETS it!" 

He knows that his Reiki sessions are not intended as a "cure all" and that they are given in addition to his regular meds dispursed by his doctor/specialist; however, it will certainly help alleviate much of his pain and discomfort as well as his depression and he really enjoys the good way the sessions always make him feel afterwards. And for us, that makes it all worth it! 


  1. Poor Midnight! Hope he is feeling better now!!

    You are so right about the physical/mental connections. When I am going through a snap of depression, I always get sick more often and stay sick for way longer.

    Hope that the Reiki helps you dad! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  2. I, as well, hope Midnight is all better now. My daughter especially gets so upset if any of our kitties are not feeling good. We tell them all the time that their job is to be happy. As for the Reiki, you probably know by now, that I'm a believer and am happy to find your Dad is getting those positive energies. Perhaps he can try meditation ... you can just have him listen to nature sounds or mellow music ... that works. I have been trying to do this myself....but hardly ever do it. I have to try to meditate every day. Anyway, hope all is well with your and yours. Love and Light, and pass on good intentions to all.