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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Making room for kitty (and some other stuff)

For the past few weeks or so, my hubby and I have been feeding a stray kitty who has been hanging around outside of our house. I, myself, have not actually seen this guy (or girl) but my husband tells me that it is (of all things) a black cat! Yeah, I know what you all are probably thinking ~ "Just what she needs, yet another black cat."

Ever get the feeling that stray cats know JUST which house to go to? At any rate, we have decided to put the Have-a-Heart trap out in front of where we have been feeding him and then temporarily board him downstairs in a huge big dog cage set up with food, water, "private bathroom" and toys. Then, we will have to see if he can be acclimated into our household. Since we don't know anything about this cat's personality, health or history, we do not wish to put our own kitties in any danger until we get the stray Fe-Leuk tested, etc. Here's hoping.

Next, I thought it might be an interesting idea to have a little fun with the zodiac. Starting with Capricorn (Yes, I know that the signs actually begin with Aries and end with Pisces, but...) since we are still technically in that zodiological sign at this moment.

Oh yes, and I am still waiting to get my exchange Yule present (the CD/tape Converter) back from Sears. It seems as though my hubby is having some issues with them and must keep on them about sending a replacement to us. Grrr! Sorry for the delay, I will post as soon as I possibly can!

Blessings all!!!


  1. Hi Kim ;o) I hope the cat works out ;o) That is so sweet of you, to take him in. And, you are so smart, to check him out first, so nothing happens to your other cats! I have heard Sears is going bankrupt? I know this is happening in Canada, is it the same with you? I hope that isn't the reason for the delay in your exchange. Have a great day ;o)
    Blessings my friend ;o)

    1. Magic Love Crow ~ Thanks, my friend! Actually, Sears is closing down a few of their stores already around here and it is indeed due to bankruptcy I believe. Such a shame, we have been shpping at Sears for many years now.

      Blessings, my sister!