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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Never give up

Today was my dad's usual reiki session. I have been treating him for several months now for the chronic arthritis throughout his entire body. Unfortunately, pain never takes a holiday off and he was in severe pain even on Christmas and New Year's.

His pain meds only do so much and the reiki treatments seem to last him for just a few days until he needs more. Still, he never gives up! With the love, support and encouragement from all of us we will not allow him to. Although it is so very hard to see my dad, who was always such a strong man go through this, I know that I have to give it over to the Divine universe and the Goddess and God. I know in my heart that I am doing everything I possibly can through the miracle of reiki to help alleviate his pain and suffering. I even send him distance reiki since I have learned this from my Reiki Level II classes.

On the brighter side, he looks so very forward to visiting with my cats and bunny. My dad, being a complete and total animal lover himself, enjoys the company of my furr babies ~ and they him!

It makes me feel much better; however,  knowing that when he leaves my home after his reiki sessions that HE feels good and his pain has subsided ~ at least for a little while.


  1. I know that the Reiki helps. Have you ever thought about acupuncture? I've been going with the financial help of my sister to a fabulous acupuncture and herbalist and it's helped my asthma tons. My daughter and I have arthritis and she especially suffers from this. Her's is a form a auto immune disease and I try not to worry...but it's hard when we see our loved ones suffering, isn't it.

    Health to you and yours and Love and Light

  2. Artsings ~ Thank you, I know that you most of all understand what our family is going through. I am sorry to hear that your daughter has to endure this as well, it is indeed difficult to watch someone you love suffer. I have never thought about accupuncture and the herbs, well, he is on so many different meds, I hesitate to suggest it to him.

    It just might be worh lookihg into the acupuncture as it has obviously helped you and your daughter.

    Love and blessings to you and yours,


  3. To see the suffering of loved ones is hard thing to bear. But you have the skills and healing energy to help. I am sure you are helping your Dad in many more ways than you can know. Hugs!

  4. Robin ~ Thank you so much, my friend. I have to tell you that yesterday after his reiki session, my dad said to me, "I always feel so much better after I come here. It must be all that tender loving care I get!" I must admit that it brought a couple of tears to my eyes. LOL!