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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The race is on ...

As some of you may already be aware, I will be officiating a legal handfasting this coming October on the weekend of Samhain. As fate would have it, I already have a Priestess dress as I bought a dress last year to wear for my handfasting renewal of vows ceremony. However, I have not gotten to wear it yet as hubby and I decided to wait until this September to have it instead. 

Dress for Handfasting in October and our renewal of vows ceremony ~ hopefully. (check out my cat Kiki in the background)

Unfortunately, I have gained a few pounds since then and I now must try to lose at least some of it before the October ceremony. This is, of course, a task which is much easier said than done! I have always had to battle my weight ever since I was a teenager and I have found that the diet plans which worked for me over the years no longer work for me now!

Fortunately though, we have a skier downstairs in our laundry room which I have been able to utilize in the past. The last time I actually used it was in the year 2000 just a few months before hubby and I got married. You see, hubby bought me my handfasting/wedding dress the year before when we were in Salem, MA visiting friends. We both fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for the wedding. Well, I managed to gain 45 pounds after that and I was very determained to get back into that dress in time for our handfasting no matter what I had to do! So, I began using the skier which did help me lose my first 10 pounds. That, and a calorie diet of nothing but salads and grilled chicken helped me lose a total of 50 pounds in 5 months time. I actually did continue to keep the weight off for a little over two years after that until I hit peri-men ~ UGH! That and constant stress took a huge toll on my aging bod! And confidentially, I really HATE salads and when I do decide to eat them, I never ever use salad dressing because I am really such a picky eater.

Anyway, I have been meaning to try to lose weight for quite some time now as it is affecting my knees as well as my blood sugar level. So far, I have been barely keeping my blood sugar at bay and my tests have come back dangerously close to the diabetic level. My doctor wants me to use the skier at least every other day for an entire 30 minutes. NOT happening, my friends. But, I will use it every day for 15 minutes after I get home from work.

I have never been the sort of person who feels comfortable joining a gym and exercising in front of others makes me extremely self-conscious. I have always had much better success doing things on my own. I realize that some people may feel that they need to be around others to get themselves motivated, but all I need to do is think hard about that dress size I need! After all, I can be quite subborn when I put my mind to something I want or need to do. Oh yeah, and I suppose a bit of luck wouldn't hurt either! LOL!


  1. Kim, I am with you my friend! You will do it!!!! Believe you me, I know how it is! I have to get my butt in gear too! Your dress is beautiful!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Yeah, you will make it! I'm also losing weight. I've lost 4 kilos in the last 4 weeks. Still 9 for the goal! :))
    Your dress is wonderful!! When I got married I wore a purple Celtic-style dress. :))

  3. Gorgeous dress, I love it!! Must we talk about dieting?? But you have a very do-able goal, and excellent motivation. Great good luck. Maybe do a reward system...set up smaller goals, like 3 pounds lost, buy a small gift for yourself. Or 7 days in a row on the skier = a special gift. Might help?

  4. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence everyone! It is very inspiring and great to have my friends behind me!

    Robin, what an excellent idea! I will definitely try that!

    Big hugs to you all!!!

    Love, Kim

  5. I like the reward yourself system ;o) Maybe I will do that too ;o) Kim, we are behind you 100% ;o)
    Hugs ;o)

  6. Kim, your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would also like to add that you look beautiful in it. I know how hard it is to keep the weight level down. If I don't walk at least 30 minutes everyday my body starts giving me hints that I better not sit down for a while :D

    Hugs and the "Best of Luck" my dear friend~~~

  7. Its a pretty dress. I use to feel the same way about exercise in front of others. I couldn't even do it in front of hubby. But I slowly got over it. I joined curves and just older women was OK. Then I joined the YMCA, and while I don't like to see ubber buff men there, I can ignore them and do my thing.

    You could always use a corset under the dress if you don't loose the amount you wish to loose by Oct.