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Friday, June 08, 2012

We're back! (Part 1 of 2)

Hey everyone! We're finally back from our vacation to Ontario, Canada! I've missed you all and I hope you had a wonderful week! Our trip was a very interesting and unique experience to say the least.

We were first off to Bingham, New York on Thursday (about a three hour drive from Reading, PA) for an overnight stay at a Best Western. Then on Friday, I had the most exciting and very fortunate opportunity to finally meet a "sister of the spirit!" My hubby, in-laws and I met up with Robin Larkspur of her fantastic blog, "Wiccan Writes," at a delicious Cracker Barrel in Cicero, N.Y. ~ a suburb near Syracuse. 

Two "sisters" and friends

(Robin beautifully wrapped my journal in green tissue paper using a sprig of her homegrown rosemary from her lovely garden!)

Although we both would have loved to have spent a bit more time together, we hugged, chatted some, laughed a lot, and were grateful to have had the chance to meet!  We surprised one another with lovely gifts. Robin gave me this beautiful journal in which she personally inscribed a special message inside. I am forever blessed, and indeed a better person at that, for knowing her ...

After we all had lunch, Robin wished us all a safe trip as we said our farewell's to one another. Then, it was off to the Wolf Island Ferry (with car and luggage in tow) to cross the border to Canada straight into Kingston to catch the boat headed for the Rideau!


  1. Cant wait to read more.....

  2. Welcome back! Gosh, what happens next??!!!

  3. Oh how beautiful, Kim!!! You were so lucky and so was Robin, that you two kindred spirits were able to meet each other in person!!!And then to have a trip to beautiful Canada...WOW!!!

    Big Hugs,

  4. Looking forward to seeing Canada photos.
    Love Leanne

  5. Glad you had a fun and safe trip. Missed your blogs cant wait to read more of your vacation happenings.
    Love and Light....

  6. Hey My beautiful friend ;o) So happy you are home ;o) Missed you! I love the picture of you and Robin!!! And, I love the gift she gave you! How special! How special truly meeting one another!
    Now, I am worried, you said, interesting and unique experience? I hope nothing bad happened in Canada!!
    Just to let you know, my leg is doing excellent today! I think I did pull a muscle, but I was just worried about the swelling! As you know, since you had a blog clot as well!
    Hugs xoxox