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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everything happens in three's

For Wiccans and Pagans alike, three is indeed a very magickal number! Not only does it represent the Goddess trilogy of Maiden,Mother & Crone, but it is also a universal rule. For the witch, the saying, "Everything happens in three's" is not just a passing phrase, it is a cosmic fact of life.

That being said, have you ever had one of those weeks when you said to yourself, "I'm afraid to ask what next?" Well, for me this has been such a week. First, our kitchen sink pipe rusted and in turn flooded the entire area underneath our sink, then later on that evening while using the dryer to dry the towels made soak and wet by the flooded sink, our dryer went, and lastly our bathtub drain became badly clogged.

Shew! Now, add if you will on top of that the fact that our furr baby, Kiki, has been sick since last week and after taking her to our trusty vet last night had an antibiotic shot and a check up. The vet told us that the shot, in lieu of pills, is good for two whole weeks and that if she continues to vomit and cough by Friday we must take her back immediately for some tests.

All of these things I can live with except for our little girl feeling sick. She is our most important concern at the moment. The rest will get taken care of in due time. And, until we can figure out what is wrong with Kiki, we can not even think about the beautiful Maine Coon stray cat we have been meaning to bring inside our home. Here's to keeping our finger's crossed all!


  1. You have certainly been hit with a big triple whammy. I hope Kiki gets better very quickly with the help of the antibiotic shot. I know how worried you both must be. Hugs.

    1. Thank you so much my friend! I so appreciate that and I know that you understand and appreciate what we are going through!

      Love and blessings ~


  2. Kim, I am so sorry for everything that has been happening! I do hope Kiki gets better soon! Poor kitty! Sending her lots of love! Big Hugs!

  3. Fingers crossed for Kiki...nothing worse than having a sick pet. As you say, the rest will sort itself out! Blessings!