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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Filling the void of a broken heart ...

Last year, my in-laws lost their beautiful 3-year old golden retreiver, Karmal, to a car accident. This, of course, left them very broken-hearted and missing their beloved companion. Since then and with their home empty and void of the special love that only an animal can bring, they had been meaning to look for another dog to share their lives with. They have always had large dogs, but now that they are both getting up in years it is difficult to control the energy and spirit of a dog that size.

Three days ago, they finally found an adorable little King Charles Cavalier puppy and her name is Tulip. The very same day that they brought Tulip home, my father-in-law had to be admitted into the hospital for some unexpected tests and so they had to put her in a kennel temporarily.

They are now back home again and I am glad for a couple of reasons. One, obviously because my father-in-law is okay, and two because he can finally spend time with the dog he has been wanting in the house for so very long. In my opinion, animals are extremely therapeutic. They aid us in our mental health and; therefore, our overall well-being. I strongly believe that having Tulip around will be beneficial in so many ways. Actually, I have never heard of this breed before. Aren't they cute?


  1. Tulip is absolutely precious and will be a terrific companion for your inlaws. I am glad your FIL is home again, and that all will be well. Tulip is a fun name for this little dog!

  2. Losing a fur baby has to be one of the most painful situations ever! I love their new little friend and am esp. fond of KCS's! I hope you keep posting pictures of the new babies with stories.

  3. these are a marvelous breed! our neighbor had one and it was the sweetest,most gentle dog!
    yes,animals do make us feel better. many hospitals utilize dogs for therapy to help the patients..i think its a wonderful idea!
    i have always had a cat,and we got dogs about 15 years ago..i am allergic to them,but i love them!!!

  4. What a precious puppy! I am sorry for the loss of their first dog. I hope it didn't suffer. I agree totally with you my friend! Animals help so much in our over all well being! They are a true blessing! I am happy your father-in-law is ok now ;o) Hugs ;o)