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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome to our zoo!

For those of you who do not happen to follow my other blog, "Witch Cats Blog," we have gotten the okay from our vet that Tabitha, the newest member of our family, is healthy. Now, the really hard part ~ trying to introduce the old cats to the new one!

Let's see, last night we got next to no sleep as Tabitha (Tabby) cried almost the entire night into the early morning, Meanwhile, our other kitties are either afraid to step paws into the only room where we can fit a cat box or they just refuse to use their litter box. I ended up having to take an unexpected vacation day from work today as I had to find a way to get things under control ~ something I obviously could not do had I been stuck at work for nine hours!

And so at the moment, one of our cats is penned up in the room with the litter box because she keeps trying to unrinate on our good couch and I will not allow her, one cat is hiding underneath the couch although he did actually use the box this morning, one is in her catio, and Tabby (who still has her front claws) is being held in the bathroom temporarily.

Chances are we will probably have to put her and the holding cage back downstairs for a little while, bringing her upstairs supervised as to hopefully slowly get the cats used to each other!!

All I know is, as long as we have our other cats we will not be taking in anymore cats ~ period! It is simply too much stress and it is definitely not like getting dogs used to one another that is for sure.

But there is a bright side; however, my sweet hubby surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers as he walked through the front door tonight. No wonder I love him so very much! LOL!


  1. Isn't it such a challenge to introduce cats to one another? With our last (4th) one we were just about done, so we just brought her in, opened the cat carrier and let things happen as they may. All our cats are female so it makes for an interesting house some days! Glad to hear that Tabitha is healthy!! Lovely flowers as well!

  2. Kim, I am so happy Tabby is healthy! Yepee! But, I am so sorry for what you and your hubby are going through! I hope it works out! This is a lot of work! I love the flowers! So pretty! You deserve them! Very sweet of your hubby ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. I have 6 cats and I've found that if you just set the new one free and don't give anyone special treatment things settle down in a few days. The trick is to make it no big deal. Your stress is stressing everyone else out on top of the new situation. Yes there will be hitting involved. Also if you have 3 cats you need at least 2 litter boxes. Good luck!

  4. Give it time..all will be well. Patience and time.(I bet you, like me, would love MORE square footage!!)

    Love the flowers, your hubby is a sweetie!!

  5. Wishing all your little family will soon be all "purrfect" and contented soon. Kim. They are all so adorable!!! Love your flowers from your thoughtful and loving hubby!!!


  6. A major reason why I have not introduced another kitty to my household is the stress. I'm sure that all your babies will eventually settle into a wonderful routine and peace will be had again.