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Friday, November 23, 2012

Cat Tails

Happy Black Friday all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Hubby and I went out to eat at a local Pennsylvania Dutch Family Style Restaurant with my folks. Great homemade food! My mom also surprised me with an adorable little electric figurine to add to my Yule/Christmas decorations ... hey, there is always room for just one more!

I can also tell you that Mr. Gray had a very warm and safe holiday as we were finally able to get him inside and snug. He is currently residing downstairs in the huge dog cage with all the creature comforts a kitty could want. Just as we did with Tabitha, he will remain there until atleast next week when we can get him into our vets for a FeLeuk test (keeping our fingers crossed!) and a check up. If negative, we will proceed to get him his vaccinations and so forth. In the meantime, I will bring him upstairs briefly into the spare bedroom and separate from the other cats from time to time so that he can get a little time out of the cage to stretch his legs and such. The one thing that makes him rather unique is that he is polydactyl, meaning that he is multi-toed. In terms of his disposition and temperament, he appears to be very sweet and lovable, always wanting to be near me and then purring pretty loudly at that!

As far as the rest of the cats are concerned, Kiki has been a bit better around Tabitha ~ often lying on the couch fairly close to her and allowing her to walk on by her without growling or hissing at her. She has also taken to clinging to me a lot more lately. Perhaps it is because she is feeling somewhat insecure and therefore needing a lot more attention from us ...

Midnight and Tabitha have been inseparable. They just adore one another! The really cute thing is that they are always napping next to each other with Tabby following him around from room to room, playing and she is even picking up his funny little habits. Here are some pics of them together ...

Then there's Haley who just enjoys chilling on the couch next to me watching television every night ...

And such is yet another day in the life of our (apparently) growing family!


  1. So interesting! My Lola has 6 toes on her front feet and 4 on the back :)

  2. Such a sweet cat family, and bless you for the kitty rescue! My fingers are crossed that the feline leukemia test comes up negative.

  3. Love all those beautiful kitties! Enjoy every moment, they are precious!

  4. Kim, you have a lot of fur babies! LOL! I love them all! I am so happy everything is going well ;o) That's really cool about Mr. Gray! I hope Kiki is ok with him ;o) You have been blessed with 2 new cats this year, I wonder if a third one is on the way??? ;o) Love the gift from your mom ;o) Hugs ;o)