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Saturday, December 08, 2012

This and That ...

Merry Meet, my friends! Been so busy this past week that I barely had any time to do my usual posting on my blogs. I have spent countless hours after work this week downstairs cleaning and fixing up Mr. Gray's little "kitty pad." Yesterday, a trip to Petsmart and Ollie's was in order so that I could decorate this area of the cellar. First, I bought a nice little cat condo and a matching colored Martha Stewart cat bed to go with it. The bed is machine washable/dryable ...


Then, hubby and I made a trip to Ollie's Bargain Store to pick up a couple of cheap area rugs and some throw rugs as well. It isn't exactly going to make the cover of "Good Housekeeping" or anything, but it should do just fine for Mr. Gray ...

The white flat cardboard box propped up along the wall is there because the house is very old and the plaster is beginning to break off of the walls. I put it there for Mr. Gray's safety. As for Mr. Gray himself, well he is just having a ball exploring the "other world" outside of his cage ...

As you can see, I still have a bit of organinzing to do and there are still some items left to go out in the trash, but Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will this cellar be finished as soon either. LOL!

Also, hubby's birthday was this week and since he is an avid reader, I bought him a funny little book called, "The Guy's Guide" and it is filled with all sorts of cute antidotes and idiocies of the male gender as written by a man with a great sense of humor ...

Tomorrow, my in-laws are treating us to his yearly birthday dinner at a wonderful restaurant which was built in 1776 called, "The Five Stars." Great food and atmosphere to say the least.

Till next time, here's wishing everyone a very "eventful" weekend!


  1. wow! good for you and mr. gray, who has a cool chill pad now! xo

  2. Looks very cozy for our Gray-Lad!! And he even has gym equipment to work out on!!
    Enjoy that dinner, and tell your hubby Happy Birthday from Robin!!!

  3. Mr. Gray's new pad is looking amazing!! Maybe I should become a cat and live at your house? LOL! Tell hubby happy birthday from Stacy and give him a hug from me too ;o)

  4. Busy weekend! I am sure he will just love his new "apartment"! Happy birthday to your husband and that restaurant sounds like something I would like!

  5. I'm so glad that Mr. Gray is not only settling in but has nice new digs. He's lucky to have such loving humans.