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Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's all the fuss all about anyway?

Lately whilst browsing through the blogs which I follow, I have noticed a few posts written by some Pagan/Wiccan parents of whom have expressed their discontent with the concept of Santa and gift-giving. ~ citing him as Christian and deceptive. Say what, honestly?

While Christmas is indeed a Christian holiday, the idea of Santa and gift-giving is not! In fact, both traditions are Pagan in origin and anyone who has done their historical homework has long been aware of this. Now, I would never ever presume to attempt to tell parents, Pagan or other, how to raise their children. That is not what this post is all about!!

Like many Pagans/Wiccans, I was raised in a Christian household and Santa and gift-giving were a huge part of my childhood memories. It allowed me to be a child, unlike so many parents I see now-a-days who try to push their children to grow up much too fast and treat them like adults at the age of two! (Yes, unfortunately, this is what I have seen far too often.)

I, myself, would not trade these wonderful holiday traditions for anything in the world and I am forever grateful to my parents for giving me such delightful memories. Besides, I don't recall seeing anything in the Bible about Santa Claus, do you?

Still, it reminds me of something my Wiccan sister and dear friend Rhiannon said to me the other day, "Not only is Santa Pagan, but he is magickal, isn't he?"


  1. We chose to forego Christmas and Santa this year. But that does not mean we chose to forego the wonder! We celebrated the solstice and Yule and instead of Santa, Grandfather Frost visited our children in the middle of the night and left them one special gift and filled their stockings with goodies. (Mommy and Daddy provided the rest of the gifts!!)

    What I have seen a rise of lately is Christian families passing on the wonder of Santa because they feel it detracts form the real reason for the season (in their eyes) which is the birth of the Christ child.

    I like you loved this season as a child and would never take that away from my children. However, we have chosen to modify it to make it more in line with our own beliefs. Fr the first time this year, our kids were able to participate in a short, simple lighting ceremony. We love to walk through the woods to chose our Yule log and decorations. We read Twas the Night Before Yule.

    I am sure our Yule will continue to morph as our young children grow and understand more. It is my fondest hope that we can help them form traditions that will stay with them for life, that they will share with their children and grandchildren.

    Maybe one day a certain Wiccan Aunt will even come and celebrate Yule with us??

  2. Kim, I agree with everything you have said! My mom says the same things about kids too! They are growing up too fast! No childhood! I love what Rhiannon said!! Perfect ;o) Big Hugs and Happy Ho Ho ;o)

  3. It's silly to me to that some parents are depriving their children of Father Christmas. He represents so much love and happiness. I feel sorry for children who's parents don't wish to share Santa Claus with them. At our house we even believe in Kitty Claus!

  4. Kim, I agree with you and share your views. I was raised Catholic, but I have also leaned toward the ways of Wicca. I do not agree with all that Catholicism teaches, nor all that Wicca believes in. So I have combined the two into what works for me. As a child I was also allowed to believe in Santa, fairies, witches ghosts and magick, along with the Catholic teachings. I thank my dear parents everyday for never letting my young mind be filled with only things adults believed in. To this day I still have that wonderful and magickal world in my heart, soul and spirit~~~

  5. I wish people would do their research before spouting off factless opinions. But that is the way of the world and we just have to shake our heads and move on. I, too, had wonderful Christmases when I was a child. My mom did so much to make each holiday so special. I would not trade those memories for anything, and I honor her memory by continuing many of the Christmas tradtions.

  6. Hi,
    I'm just browsing through some of your older posts. Funny how some people are so ready to reject something because they think it isn't pagan enough, just like some Christians reject images and traditions for not being Christian enough--and poor Santa catches it both ways!
    I was raised with Santa Clause imagery, and never experienced it as deceptive--by the time I was old enough to wonder if Santa was real or pretend it was obvious to me which he was. I do have a problem with parents who actually lie to their children about things like this when their kids are old enough to ask if Santa is real. I find the whole insistence, by adults, that children believe in Santa as long as possible so they can have "childhood magic" a bit disturbing. After all, isn't there enough REAL wonder and mystery in the world? To act like we have to retreat to fantasy to experience wonder seems deeply cynical to me.

    And Santa doesn't have to be part of that. Santa can be a game children grow out of as they grow into other things.

    Just my two cents.