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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Very Special Birthday!

Today was a very special day indeed. It was my dad's 82nd Birthday! He is still residing at the Laurel Center Rehab Hospital and so we all gathered there to celebrate with him. All of  the wonderful nurses and staff wished him a Happy Birthday as well.

I had a bouquet of flowers, a little stuffed teddy bear, and a birthday balloon with a beautiful card delivered to his room this afternoon. He loved them!!!

The teddy bear had a cute little red heart sown on his one paw

My mom and dad ...

All in all, I'd say he had a lovely little birthday, and after everything he has been through so far, deservedly so!


  1. Kim, my friend, I'm so glad that your dad had such a good day, I'd say tell him "Happy Birthday" from me, but I'm quite sure he doesn't know me, but just know that I'm so glad for his exceptional day.

    1. Many. many sincere thanks, Lon and blessings to you, my friend!

  2. So precious Kim! I am so happy your dad had a great day ;o) Love the pictures ;o) Hugs ;o) Happy Belated Birthday to your dad! Many blessings!