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Saturday, January 3, 2015

TWL's Top Ten Sexiest Men of Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Once in a little while I just feel the need to let my hair down, a bit of stress therapy I suppose you could say. And since I love science fiction/fantasy shows so very much, I thought I would put together my idea of the top 10 sexiest men of sci-fi in my view. I also browsed the web to get an idea of what other people voted in as good candidates and considered them as well.

And so, my friends, here goes ...

10.  Kevin Bacon ("Ryan Hardy" from "The Following")

9.  Chris Hemsworth ("Thor")

8.  Will Smith ("Agent J" from "Men in Black")

7.  Chris Pine ("Captain James T. Kirk" in the "Star Trek" movie

6.  Vin Diesel ("Riddick")

5.  Jared Padalecki ("Sam Winchester" in "Supernatural")

4.  James Purefoy ("Joe Carroll" in "The Following")

3.  David Tennant ("Dr. Who")

2.  Misha Collins (Supernatural's "Castiel")

1.  Jensen Ackles ("Dean Winchester" from "Supernatural")

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  1. I have been watching Supernatural for 9 years now! I love my boys! I love the devil on the show too! LOL! Hugs ;o)