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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just call me Cat Woman

For as far back as I can remember, I have always held a strange love for cats. Why strange? Well, for one thing I grew up around nothing but dogs. My parents never had one single solitary cat in the house. Yet, somehow I was always fascinated with them.

One year, my mom gave me a couple of dollars for spending money for an elementary school trip and I bought her a little ceramic kitty cat in a gift shop. When I was 14 years old, my dad found a stray female tabby cat outside and I begged my mom to let me bring her in the house. When my mom said no, I named her “Whiskers” and continued to take care of her in my dad’s garage. My dad even kept the seat out of an old car for her to sleep on. One time, she even crawled up on top of my dad’s back and laid there while my dad was bending down to work on a car. My dad loved cats also and was raised around all kinds of stray animals. My mother, unfortunately, was not.

Then, my very first fiancĂ© and his family had a total of eight indoor/outdoor cats. After that, my love and respect for cats grew even stronger and from that time on I have never lived without one … or two or five!

For my part, I have found cats to be loving and loyal. Yes, I said loyal. In fact, after my father had recently passed away my cats Midnight, Kiki and Haley have been following me everywhere I go in the house. Every night on the couch and in the bed they all sleep with me and vie for my attention to which I return to them my deepest love and affection ~ as they freely do for me.

My hubby is as equally crazy about cats and, like me, would do anything for them. He is truly their “daddy” and I, their forever mommy. We can’t imagine our lives without them, for without them our house would not be a home ~ merely four walls and a few pieces of furniture. They truly mean the world to us!


  1. Such a lovely post, dear Kim, your hubby and you are very fortunate to have so many loving fur babies in your family. They are also lucky for the love and care and the warm home that you all share together.

    I always thought that Julie Newmar(?) was a wonderful "Cat-woman" :))

  2. I did not disappear again, Kim...I just needed to change my blog's theme...


  3. I've always wanted to have a kitty but my parents never let me have one... I had to grow up and get my own. :D Had 5 cats at one time, that was wild and wonderful. And yes, cats are very loyal if you treat them with love and respect. :)