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Thursday, March 26, 2015

TWL's Throwback Thursday

Me 'n' Rhiannon ~ Samhain 2002

Aurora Skye, me, Rhiannon and her older sister Angelina in 2012

A Midsummer pic of the gang ~ Draco, Aurora Skye's hubby Jim and Aurora Skye, Rhiannon, me and Rhiannon's son Richard (Page) in June of 2013

Waterfae, Rhiannon, me 'n' Aurora Skye on Ostara ~ 2001

A little Yule holiday shopping with the girls in 2013


  1. What a wonderful view through the 'way back' machine!

  2. I always enjoy a "remember when" moment in time...they help renew our souls~

    Thank you for sharing some of your moments with us, dear Kim~


  3. These photos gladden my heart seeing how you're all having such a good time, I love seeing this!