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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas (and a little holiday humor)! ...


The Holly Laughs
 Said daffodil to holly,
My petals are gold
In early spring
They are so bold!
And the holly laughs ... 
Come summertime,
The roses will bloom
to cheer us from
The winter's gloom
But the holly laughs ...
When colors burst,
In the season of fall
And lavender's beauty
 Hears Nature's call
Still the holly laughs ...
The holly now taunts,
"Ah, winter is near!"
For you have all gone
And I am still here
 Forever the holly laughs
~ Lady Caer Morganna
>^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<   

 >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<

)o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(    )o(

And, for my friends who are missing a white and snowy Christmas this year, here is a vid clip to cheer you up! We had temperatures here in the early 70's on Christmas Eve and, personally, I am loving it! Merry Christmas to all of my Christian friends and Blessed Be!

"O Holy Night" ~ Johnny Mathis


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  1. Beautiful!! Merry Christmas and Happy Yule :) Thanks for the smiles! Love you!