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Friday, December 04, 2015

"The Legend of Phil" ~ My New Poem

The Legend of Phil
All gather 'round
Come one, come all!
To see the groundhog~
Furry and small
On Groundhog Day
We wait for Phil
To predict for us
Mother Natures' will
"We love Phil!"
His adoring fans shout;
"An early spring!"
to him they tout
And greeting the crowd,
Donning black top hats
Are men in tuxedo's ~
Phil's diplomats
They tap on the door
of Phil's lair so warm;
To awaken the groundhog
On this chilly morn
Wielding two scrolls
Wherein hold the key;
Phil chooses just one ~
Which one will it be?
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye!"
The President now spouts;
Then translates Phil's forecast
And leaves us no doubts
Had Phil seen his shadow
on this cold Groundhog's Day?
Six more weeks of winter?
Or early spring on the way?
~  Kimberly Witycyak
(aka Lady Caer Morganna)

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